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Sunburn Cold yoghurt

I was told years ago that to relieve sunburn, spread plain cold yoghurt on the burnt area and leave for a few hours or overnight. It's messy but it works!

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Sure thign Comments By: DOC on 2004-08-12
Dont know what yoghurt is, but what the hell. This itches!
ahh Comments By: bob on 2005-04-19
ahhh this sunburn hurts ! help !
Very good medicine!!believe me Comments By: Jos on 2008-08-10
Youghurt is such a wonderful sunburn medicine specialy mix with cucumber smash and apply it on.and good for smoothening and moisturises as well
Looks a mess but VERY soothing Comments By: Jo on 2010-07-11
Having badly burnt the backs of my legs yesterday like a total idiot I have been in pain for 24 hours. Natural yoghurt really does help relieve the pain - gently apply and feel instantly cool relief. After a few hours of applying gently rinse it all off and start again (otherwise it starts to crack and pull the skin)

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