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Sunburn Noxema skin cream

Noxema skin cream or any store brand equivelant is great for any burn, but especially sun burns, it cools, soothes and conditions the skin.

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where to buy Comments By: theresa desanno on 2004-08-20
i cannot find noxema skin cream in any store. please let me know where available.

TipKing Says: The tips at TipKing are sent from all over the world. It could be that it is not available in your country

Walgreens Comments By: Joanna on 2007-06-11
Walgreens carries Noxema. I just bought some today
apb on noxema skin cream Comments By: Wanda Easterling on 2008-01-30
I have an all points bulletin out on noxema skin cream. NOT the cleansing cream, but the cream you apply on your face and do not rinse off. I've checked all stores in Houston, my daughters checked Maryland, New Jersey and Phila areas. Is the product still available in the USA?
Cleansing Cream Comments By: Courtney on 2008-06-22
You use plain old Noxema cleansing cream.
Do not rise it off. I don't know how it works but it does and prevents peeling too.

AVALIBLE AT FINE RETAILERS EVERYWHERE Comments By: Brandy Blain on 2008-07-18
Noxema does work great in relieving sunburn. However, unlike many comments here suggest, you will need to wash off. You do just let the ingrediants remain on your skin for a bit longer then if you were just cleansing your skin, and RINSE with COOL water. Repeat several times in the first 24 hours after being sunburned.
Noxema is sold at many retail locations across the US. Generic versions are usually avalible, and work just as well. If you have trouble locating it, the label may have changed. The color of the jar, on the original formula has stayed very close to the original color. Ask an employee in the Health & Beauty section of which ever store you vist to help you.

fantastic cream Comments By: mrs mc (uk) on 2008-09-06
I bought noxema in the states while on holiday.It was recommended to me by a relative (in law) who comes from there.
I brought some back to the UK,and the only way i can replenish my supply is when i ask family to bring me some.Is there a stockist in the UK who sells this product.I was on holiday and all the poor mums in the Hotel were so thankful for Noxema with there sunburnt children.Its the best.please help me find a stockist in the UK.

noxema skin cream Comments By: sanadra M on 2008-11-17
I too have been buying this in the US. I am unable to buy in UK . anyone out there who knws where to buy in UK
You can get it in the UK Comments By: RockRascal on 2009-06-02
There is actually an ebay seller who has it in stock at present, small jar size 70g is 3.75 plus 1 postage. I've been using Noxzema since I lived in Canada during my childhood, it is not easy to find but it is always there!
Where to buy Noxema Cleansing Cream Comments By: Nkem on 2009-07-16
Hi Ladies,

You can buy Noxema from Birmingham City Centre in the UK, from a store called City Hair, which specialises in Afro and European haircare and cosmetics

Noxzema Comments By: Ashley Swartz on 2010-02-04
i have been using this noxzema for about 3 years and it worked on me. i don't know why everyone is complainging about it. its just helps like a roadrunner running across the streets but it needs to work a little faster that i was expecting it to. it also need warranties just in case you know what i mean. have fun bye
In Canada cannot find Noxzema Original Skin Cream Comments By: Frustrated Flo Jo on 2010-02-13
I'M told by Proctor and Gamble that Ontario Canada does have NOXZEMA ORIGINAL SKIN CREAM in stores, even when I asked, did not state what stores. Just said that the jar is a bigger jar. Well all I can find is the cleansing cream. I wish someone had the answers about what stores in Canada sell this product. NOT the cleansing cream. I would like to go into a store and buy this product off the shelf. Has been in the family about 2 or maybe 3 generations.
better than aloe vera Comments By: erica on 2010-04-24
Since I was little my parents have always applied noxema cleansing cream on mine and my sisters sunburn thickly, without rinsing it off. We always keep it in the refrigerator just in case and none of us peel when we use the cream. We use aloe vera as well when out of noxema and I find that the noxema works faster and is more soothing than the aloe vera. I highly recomend this!
The great old Noxema is NO MORE! Comments By: Dee Dee on 2011-04-04
Alberto Culver bought Noxema formula from Proctor & Gamble in 2008. I called them about the current Noxema not being the same and they just repeat over and over that it is the same, and it the formula they bought. I pointed out that the listed ingrediants were different from my old pre 2008 jar. Didn't matter. I'm upset. I want my Noxema back!

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