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Acne and zit tips Wash your face

Always wash your face before you go to bed. you will have less spots. how ever tierd you are wash your face!

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you forgot some... Comments By: kayleen on 2005-07-18
true, you should always wash your face at night, but dont forget about adding some zit treatment (if you really need it), such as bp..also remember to moisturize every time you wash your face, otherwise your skin produces more oils and becomes more prone to acne.
true Comments By: anonomous on 2005-08-24
you should always wash your face true, but i disagree with the comment about using a moisturizer. I used to use a moisturizer, and found that the additional chemicals were making my skin worse. sometimes its best just to use a cleanser and thats it. just be sure its not too overdrying so you won't produce extra oil.
Use a flannel too! Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-27
Yes agree washing face before bed helps. I wash my face with hottish water and soap using my hands and then rinse. Then I rub a hot wet flannel over my face to unblock pores and knock any white heads off! It's lovely!

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