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Makeup How you can make your make-up last longer....

Submitted by Chrissy

I learned this tip from a magazine. It really does work. After you're done applying your makeup, spray your face ligtly with hair spray.

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Don't you dare! Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-29
This is a great way to give yourself a skin reaction and make your acne much worse. As a matter of fact you should always try to shield your face when spraying hair products.
Zitites Comments By: Persilla on 2005-05-07
i think this is a silly way to keep up your makeup. and caused me pimplies and zities, so dont you dare think about having the acne train coming to your face!
please Comments By: nadine on 2006-07-15
Please!! i did this my skin was fine and dandy..and my make up stayed on all you have to do is quickly spray it and not to much
hi there Comments By: Zoe on 2006-11-06
I read this tip somewhere.It does work,although I recommend spraying it into the air and walking into it,because it doesn't put to much on your face.
DONT DO IT Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-17
seriously guys. this is probly the worst thing u can so to ur face. u r basicly asking for acne. just reapply ur make-up at lunch or wear stuff that will last longer. do not do thius. the hairspray will help the make-up to stay and also cling to the bacteria not just on ur face but in the air around u too. u r asking for trouble with this one. u could have a sskin reaction to it as well. just do not listen to this idea.
not good for sensitive skin Comments By: Nyla on 2007-12-18
why not just use beauty flash balm by clarins? make up stays fresh and makes you look younger. I have used it for last 5 years... really works
It DOES Work But Its NOT Good For You.... Comments By: anon on 2009-01-02
My Friend Told Me This Before....It Did Work My Make Up Stayed On The Whole Night But It Probably Isnt Good For You At All Especially If Ypu Have Sensitive Skin....

thats so daft Comments By: jodiee on 2009-04-25
ive been doing this for ages and ive never ever gotten spots
AND im a sixteen year old girl!

A tip of makeup artists Comments By: Mandy MUA on 2011-01-14
I am a makeup artist, and this is a tip we use all the time. Especially when doing special fx makeup or body paint. Hairspray will help set your makeup.(It is the same as a product you can buy call final seal) As for it making you break out, it doesn't make you break out any more then your makeup itself does. (most makeups) are not really all that great for your skin. It blocks pores etc, so always wash and exfoliate your skin as soon as possible when you are done being out and about.

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