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Hic-ups Curing hiccups in babies and adults

Submitted by Mark

I learned this first trick twenty years ago, every time I meet someone with hiccups I teach it to them and it has never once failed, even on people who've had their hiccups all day.

Take a glass of water, now say, "hiccups I have got" take a good size sip (not a gulp) of water now say "hiccups I don't want" another sip and say "hiccups go away" another sip and say "hiccups gone"

It may sound ridiculous but it's the swallowing action and the rythm of it that gets your diaphragm back in order.The actual words aren't relavent except that they provide the correct pace and rythm.It's important to take just enough water for it to be effective but not so much that you hurt your throat should you hiccup in the middle of swallowing (very painful).You may have to repeat this for a really bad bout but trust me, it works.

Now for the baby.It's obviously not possible to get a baby to do anything like this to order. Breast or bottle fed babies regularly get hiccups after feeding.Sometimes another feed will do the trick but this is self defeating since it will often bring the hiccups back.

Some time ago I noticed that blowing on my baby son's face would startle him and cause him to reflexively swallow.Now when he gets hiccups I hold him so my face is just a few inches from his and suddenly but gently blow on his face as if blowing out a candle. Repeat this two or three times a few seconds apart,the hiccups will stop and both of you can get some sleep.

Visitors comments

YAY ! Comments By: Jonny on 2004-08-27
Had hiccups for 2 hrs, tried this, worked first time !! top tip !
Not for babies!! Comments By: Santamaria on 2004-11-08
I tried blowing softly on my baby's face "like blowing a candle", but instead he started swalling air and the hiccups didn't go away. Thanks for the tip for grownups though.
fun remedy! Comments By: Megan on 2005-01-01
It worked on the first try and also gave my husband a laugh!
IT WAS JUST A JOKE Comments By: PLAYGIRL6501220 on 2005-05-12
unbelieable Comments By: Charlie Holbrook on 2005-08-04
It works so far [5 minutes & counting]
10 minutes - so far so good - cured!!!

habbo hotel Comments By: rosie on 2005-11-29
i have hicups all day and could not get sleep but this cure worked
Worked like a charm Comments By: Dragonfly on 2006-01-16
Simple, easy, and it works! Thanks :-)
WOW!!! I really didn't believe it, but it worked! Comments By: sandy, columbia mo on 2006-04-14
Thanks soooo much! I will do my best to remember this for next time. :)
didn't work Comments By: Andi on 2006-04-30
I tried this method and still have hiccups. I have been drinking alcohol, so maybe this might be the reason it isn't working?
HOW TO GET RID OF HICCUPS!! Comments By: anon on 2006-06-23


WACHAAAAAA Comments By: dsfsdfs on 2006-06-23
they are GONE
Amazing! Comments By: Radioqueen on 2006-07-17
Worked like a charm. Thank you!
Worked Wonders!!! Comments By: Lydia on 2006-08-22
Worked wonders with our little Rhyanna, cleared her hiccups within the first few light blows.
Thank you! Comments By: Stu MaLue on 2006-11-09
Wow - that's great. I was up while everyone else was asleep. I'd already gulped down about 3 very large cups of water and was feeling rather, well, watery. Wasn't sure what to do because this method had always worked for me. So I googled hic-ups and this was the first thing that came along. It looked silly - but it works! :-)
wow Comments By: kp on 2006-12-29
it worked yeah
Tweny Hours of Misery Comments By: Gary Mulkey on 2007-07-17
Almost non stop ( 20 hours ) with Hicups I open up this article searching for a cure.

Having tried everything from holding your breath to taking rolaids I tried your suggestion. Immediately it stopped and hopefully cured my problem.

Thanks Gary 7-17-2007

wonderful! Comments By: ally w on 2007-08-03
can't believe it. looked up hiccups and found your site. perfect cure. i will write it down so i can remember it next time.

thank u very much

Thank you Comments By: Claire on 2007-08-14
Worked first time - it was driving us both mad - thank you so much !
Brilliant for new borns!!! Comments By: Katy on 2007-09-02
I've just tried this on my 13 day old who always has hiccups after every feed. Genius! Thanks!
OMG Comments By: claire on 2007-10-09
omg thank you so much i love you!
how does that work?

Cant belive it!!! Comments By: Syntaxerror on 2007-10-28
I dont belive it! Thats the 1st remedy thats ever worked 4 me :-) i just had them bad 4 two hrs. Tried it, and it worked 1st time. Thanx.
9 hours of constant hiccup...cured! Comments By: jo on 2007-12-22
This is fantastic, my boyfriend has been driving me insane with constant hiccups for 9hrs! i came across this he did it afew times and it worked! it was like magic thanku
Like magic! Comments By: Raja on 2008-03-24
After half a day of hicups, this worked from the first time! I was getting desperate, and I couldn't believe that it worked!
IT WORKED! Comments By: Jojo on 2008-03-31
I had the worst bout of hiccups today and usually...each time I get hiccups it goes on for at least an hour! I decided to google it this time and found your advice. I was very skeptical at first but could not believe it when the hiccups miraculously stopped!!!!


Amazing Comments By: George on 2008-05-09
It worked straight away on our 2 month old and he had bad hiccups. A godsend - thank you.
cant belive it Comments By: billy on 2008-05-21
i had the hicups.. looked up how to get rid of them. this was the first thing that poped up. i read it, thought about it and said why not. i had just drank a gatorade. i had the empty bottle, went and filled it with water. i came back read the saying and now im typing this letter without a hicup one. thank you..
oh ! Comments By: anonamous on 2008-07-25
it actuallly worked first time it must mentally work though
thank goodness!!! Comments By: K C on 2008-07-27
My son has had hic ups off and on ALL DAY! And we tried several "cures", So far this is the only one to work! Lets hope they stay gone now, thanks so much!
wow Comments By: larrisa on 2008-08-21
My baby always have hiccups after a feeding. But thanks to your special technique I don't have to worry about her getting annoyed with it anymore thanks. Anymore tricks up your sleeves. :}
thanks! Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-23
thanks a lot.
my mom's boyfriend had hiccups for 30 minutes. we tried everything from consintrating on thing and holding his breath while swollowing 3 time and tried scarying him, and tons more things. he tried this and it worked. thanks a bunch!

miracle or magic words Comments By: mohamed on 2008-10-09
i had hiccups the night before & the whole day after. went to the net to find a solution & when i saw this i said it`s not gonna work %100 but to my shock it works first time,,,whoever made this thank you.
surprising Comments By: vince on 2008-10-31
thank God for this trick. it worked like magic
Amazing Comments By: Jack on 2008-11-12
It worked. Thank you, so much!!
My 7 yr old is cured!! Comments By: Allie on 2008-11-12
Like the rest... it worked like a charm. And, he had fun doing it. Except when he laughed and the water came out his nose! :-)

Wierd. Comments By: Stephen on 2008-11-16
One blow like a candle and he just stopped. Now i know how to cure my babies hic ups.
AMAZING Comments By: Lee on 2008-12-16
Worked the first time. I tried other things and nothing was working! Thanks for this tip!
YESSSSSSSSSSS Comments By: AJA on 2008-12-21
yayyy!! finally!! thanks :) Comments By: mrs. jonas :) on 2009-01-19
i got home from school and i had hiccups for like 8 hours and i tried everything i found on the internet and nothing worked. but then i saw this and laughed and it worked really well!! :) thanks so much!!
Well, I am gobsmacked! Comments By: Michelle 4 eva Thankful on 2009-01-21
My baby had constant hiccups in the womb and also after every feed, now 6 weeks old, still hiccupping... I read this site, did as you said, and what do you know! Gone!! I am so gobsmacked that it worked after 2 little blows! Thankyou!!:)
Mythical method marks zero Comments By: Anonymous on 2009-01-03
Load of magical nonsense? How on earth is basically talking to a glass of water going to help? Load of rubbish. Doesn't work, sounds stupid.
it worked!! Comments By: Chet B on 2009-02-20
I didnt sy it out loud but did take the time...and it worked Thank you!!!
wow! Comments By: Brandon on 2009-03-20
ive had the hiccups for atleast 2 days now and i tried the hiccup cure for adults and it worked. i could not believe it! as soon as i was finished with the directions, i could not believe that they were gone! top tip!!
Thank you so much Comments By: Saravana on 2009-04-12
It worked for me.Thanks Again
Works! Comments By: cyranos on 2009-05-03
Worked first time! Thanks
Blowing out a candle Comments By: Vicky on 2009-05-29
OMG This is brill, my baby gets hiccups countless times a day and your only supposed to give them grip water a few times, i was a bit dubious at first but tried it, it did take a couple attempts but they havenow gone.

Thank you

This method is Win Comments By: Elijah on 2009-06-12
I laughed and said no way when i first read this. I had hicups for afew hrs and it was driving me crazy! so far its stopped! great trick! i will def pass this on!
Unbelievable! Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-06
This actually worked on my 4 year old daughter. works like magic Comments By: sunny on 2009-09-22
Thanks Mark, this tip is amazing. I had hiccups for half an hour. I tried just warm water and it did not work. Then i tried your trick and it worked like magic. thanks mate
Spot on Comments By: Hiccupless on 2009-10-14
Works like a dream!
Saaa-weet Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-03
Worked for me after many others failed or the hic-ups kept coming back. Thanks!!!
Too good to be true - but it is !! Comments By: Johnny on 2009-12-03
You da man Mark. Many thanks.
alas, my hiccups are gone! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-17
i had been drinking water normally for about five minutes and then i stumbled acroos this. it worked first time! cheers:D
it worked Comments By: tania on 2010-01-01
after 5 blows in my 1 week old son it worked perfectly
This is amazing Comments By: JCTooL on 2010-01-06
i had hiccups intermittantly for 3 days. i was starting to get bile reflux from the constant spasms. then i read this and presto. Thank god for you i had lost faith in the net.
Once a Skeptic now a Believer! Comments By: Trey on 2010-01-09
For years I've tried all sorts of tricks to get hiccups to subside - tonight i had a bout of hiccups every 10 seconds or so that went on for at least 15 minutes. Finally decided to Google a cure and viola I stumbled upon your cure. Couldn't believe it when I spouted the magic words with a few sips of water my hiccups literally disappeared. Well done!

Thanks for the new cure.

best,easy 4 ur baby,you Comments By: Ruth,Ruby on 2010-01-23
Thank-you so 7month baby had hiccups,i tryed i tstraight away. It worked after 2nd time. She didnt like me blowing i her face, but the hiccups went away. I wish i know about this ages a go. I will tell everyone i know.
ya dancer Comments By: vinny hill on 2010-02-08
tried your tip for hiccups on my seven week old son. it worked a treat, cheers mate
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: paul skinbeck on 2010-02-25
Amazing!! worked after 4 blows!!!
Hiccups Comments By: anon on 2010-03-04
Hey it really worked!!!
I had the hiccups Comments By: G on 2010-03-17
I had the hiccups and mine went off while reading your article!! :D
wow Comments By: RONNIE on 2010-03-27
I had the hiccups all day, just tried it ans it worked. THANKS.
Hicupt Comments By: Scoondy on 2010-04-04
This is quality! Had hicups 4 well over 2 hours! So annoyin!after tryin this they wer gone str8 away!
always has hiccups after laughinggg. Comments By: cici on 2010-07-30
i rated this a 3 but only because i havent triied it but im definetly going to. everytime i laugh hard i get hiccups for like 30 minutes and they wont go away. my mom said when she was pregnant with me and she laughed she could feel me hiccuping in her stomachh! haha(: next timee i am so trying this i wrote it down already.
very good! Comments By: mast on 2010-10-18
wow! it worked!!! thanks for the tip
awesome! Comments By: CY on 2010-10-30
i just tried this with my 3week old baby...worked on 4th try. She looked at me like she wanted to say WOW.
amazing !!! Comments By: Allan Pon on 2010-11-11
I just had hi-cups and decided to surf the net, found this tip and I tried it on the spot and it really worked !!! Thanks A million, I will tell my friends !!!(South Africa)
Great works. Comments By: Geeta on 2011-05-18
I was searching the web when my husband was having hiccups for 2hrs and found this link. I laughed a lot after reading the article but was surprised to see the result after my husband's hiccups stopped within 5 minutes.
Thanks for the tip.

Brilliant Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-27
My boyfriend has ha hiccups on and off or 3 days and was driving me mad! This worked first time :) so funny!

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