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How I cured my brown recluse spider bite

Submitted by Jerrell Roy

I flushed the wound out thoroughly using warm water and a "Water Pik" (yes, the kind used on your teeth) Wound was quite large with rotting flesh. Next morning healing was evident and it healed quite rapidly. I think flushing was the key.

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Thanks a bunch Comments By: Heather on 2004-08-20
I was looking for ways to speed up my healing process. I don't have a water pick but I am trying to continue to wash out the wound regularly. Did it still leave a scar?

TipKing Says: Be very careful with these bites. If in any doubt seek medical advice.

brown recluse spider bite Comments By: sue on 2005-07-02
i am currently a victim of the brown recluse . i have 2 bites and what i have been doing is taking really hot baths for about an hour 2ce a day to draw out poisons, and then i have some draw out salve that i purchased over the counter. it stings like crazy, but cover with tefla pad and the salve works its magic.
flushing brown recluse spider bite Comments By: Jerrell Roy on 2005-07-16
I sought medical attention to no avail. The flushing with the water pik did the trick and left no scar although there was a deep hole when the healing started. These are very dangerous spiders. The M.D. gave me antibiotics to stop secondary infection but said that it would have no effect on the bite itself
wowsers Comments By: anon on 2006-06-03
tahnk so much at first i was in shock when i first found out i had a brown recluse bite but after hearing this helpful tip it healed faster then i would think!
Flushing really worked for me. Comments By: Jerrell Roy on 2008-04-11
After using the water pik and the healing took place there was only a small scar left on my arm. However about a month later two lymp nodes under my left arm swelled up and one of them bursted and then all was well. I have had no other problems since. I had one bite on my arm and another on my stomach but the one on the stomach did no harm. Just looked like a risen and then healed of itself. When the Doctor explained to me how the poison worked that is when i got the idea to flush it out with a water-pik.
Tea Tree Comments By: Mo on 2008-06-23
As soon as you realise you have been bitten apply Tea Tree Oil 2-3 times a day. I have been bitten 3 times had it heal rapidly without the terrible affects that are documented and very little discomfort.

How about seeking medical attention? Comments By: Mr Smith on 2009-08-30
Am I the only one here with some common sense? Considering the nasty effects this venom can have I cannot believe the stupidity displayed by some people by choosing a home remedy over genuine medicine. I mean this stuff can easily result in limb amputation or even death. Now please, grow up. I hope that before I get a tirade of abuse because your "home remedy works" consider the fact that a lot of recluse bites are "dry" bites and contain little to no venom.
Ok, Ok Comments By: B on 2010-01-07
Mr. Smith I think you are right, however you have no right to call anyone stupid. The truth is, many doctors don't help other than dishing out antibiotics. These home remedies are a great secondary measure.
to mr. smith Comments By: michelle on 2011-09-02
you brought up a good idea about consulting your doctor first. I am a believer in herbal medicine and know for a fact that herbs do work and many doctors know this! whether they want to admit it or not. Please keep an open mind!!

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