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Cold sore help with Vinegar

As soon as you feel the first signs of a cold sore (usually a tingling sensation) apply vinegar to the area and keep re-applying for 3-4 minutes (this may sting but that means it's working). Then use vaseline to soothe the area. If applied at the first sign of a cold sore, this method will prevent the cold sore completely.

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THIS IS THE BEST REMEDY EVER TRUST ME!! Comments By: Cold sore fairy on 2008-06-14
hi,i suffered from cold sores for over 7 yrs.i always had to be ashamed of going out in public because they get so big and ugly. i was reading up on the internet about all kinds off remedies that are time consuming and don't even work or as good as you would expect.and the bad thing about it is that they pop up only on the times u don't want them to. well this remedy left me without cold sores for almost 2 yrs.every time you feel that tingle get that white vinegar undiluted an place on the spot.it will burn but what would you rather? an ugly cold sore or spotless lips? lol.the spot where the vinegar is will turn colours,this is normal since the vinegar is acidic but it will tunr back to it's original colour when the vinegar is removed. i pour the vinegar onto a cotton wool an keep it on the spot for 5 mins. then the stinging cools down,my lips goes back to its normal colour and i am cold sores free.the are will be dry after do just apply some chapstick or vaseline an you are ready to go. miracle.don't mind all the rest talkin about nail polish remover and stuff.vinegar is natural and works like a charm:).
will vaseline hurt? Comments By: DEx on 2008-07-02
I did use the apple cider vinegar but I did not add any moisturizer till I saw a scab. My question is if I use vaseline before it cabs will it hurt the fever blister?
Vinegar - A Good Solution Comments By: girlygirl on 2008-10-09
I have a nasty cold sore that's not as ugly as they have been in the past. I dabbed some white vinegar on it and it turned white and stung for a few minutes. The stinging went away and the white color soon followed. It's drying it up nicely and I hope to be rid of the dreaded thing soon. It's not yucky looking and seems to be working like a charm.
I love Jesus!! Comments By: dex on 2008-10-17
I have tried it with apple cider vinegar. The results were awesome. I was afraid 2 put vaseline on it because they say you should keep it dry. But I found that vaseline does not harm it as long as it is cleaned first. The vinegar will clean it, then coat it with vaseline. In less than 48 hours it began 2 scab, and 24 more hours later the scab fell off. I love JESUS!!
Cider apple vinegar Comments By: nature has it on 2008-11-08
I used cider apple vinegar on a cold sore as soon as I saw the first blister appearing. I also used a cold sore cream.Day one, the blister continued to form itself into a full on cold sore but I kept applying cider vinegar every time I remembered, day two it formed a scab which fell off at night, I'm on day three and it is well on the way to healing with no pain. I think if I had used only cider vinegar it would have dried up a lot faster. Next time I will have faith. Good luck
Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-01
I've been suffering cold sores for as long as i remember, thanks mum.
However recently I have become allergic to alot of the OTC medicine used to treat them, they caused my lips to swell up drastically. I also had this problem with Alcohol Swabs.
It was getting quite desperate when I put vinegar on it, and it has worked wonderfully, it will be gone tomorrow, only a bit of a scab left, and this is only 3 days after i started applying the vinegar. Worked wonderfully, and would recommend it.

let jesus rule Comments By: dex on 2009-03-30
I have used vinegar by itself. But I have found even greater results with vinegar topical, and lysine internal. I took about 4000mg the first day and it was gone in 1.5 days. use them both!!
cold sore - vinegar treatment Comments By: anon on 2009-05-13
I have an awful looking cold sore in the centre of my top lip, not the best looking thing I've ever seen. I usually get them at the side of my mouth, however this time it ended up in the centre. I applied the white vinegar for 5 minutes on a cotton bud tip and it competely dried up within half an hour!
I'm looking forward to seeing it vanish in the next couple of days. Thank so much for the info,I'm now feeling a lot more hopeful!

Cold Sore Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-16
Does It Work with malt Vinegar?
vinegar, lysine, abreva Comments By: Lisa on 2010-02-19
I read online to try vinegar and I can really tell a difference this time. I am taking 1500 mg lysine with vitamin c and applying the vinegar with a cotton ball, holding it in place for a few minutes then applying abreva and or lysine chapstick. You can barely see the sore.
vinegar n salt Comments By: red on 2010-02-20
Well, i tried it n it is helping alot. the pain is going away and it is going down. You should also try warm salt water.:)
scholl Comments By: Peter Fyvie on 2010-12-26
i know you may say wtf but i've uffered cold sores since i can remember i've tried vinegar, otc remedies and even nail polish and petrol but nothing has worked as good as scholl verucca cream (i know wtf) but you will know like me you'll try anything to get rid of these little sh@@s but be warned it will sting like mad it brought tears to my eyes but it does dry them out really quick.
This may help as well! Comments By: Kira on 2011-01-18
I used the vinegar and the toothpaste. I used the vinegar all day and that night i used the toothpaste. That morning i had a scab on the sore. I repeated the same steps and so far it's almost gone.
GRAAAH Comments By: Tristen on 2011-01-30
i dont get it i dont even get the tingling feeling i just wake up with the big motherchucker on my face and it takes me like a month to get of it :@ what should i do
Trust me it works!! Comments By: D on 2011-04-08
I don't even know if I have a coldsore, I mean sometimes when I shave around my mouth, like in the corner lip bit, I get a spot, at first it does tingle. One day I just thought to put vinegar on it, I didn't read about it anywhere, I just knew what vinegar does, anyway, it stung for a little while but hey! rather that than a pussy yellow spot in the corner of your mouth!! I kept on doing that for a little while, I got worried when it turned white but that went away quickly and yup the spot/coldsore was gone in like a day or two. so the moral of the story is, vinegar ROCKS!!!!

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