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Appetite loss in Elderly people

At about the age of 65, many people lose some sense of taste and smell, and their appetite suffers. Try stimulating it with a variety of strongly flavoured foods, such as curry or chili con carne. Vary the texture, colour and temperature of your food, this may compensate for the lack of strong flavour.

Savor each bite. Chewing slowly and moving the food around in the mouth before swallowing increases contact with the taste buds and, through the hack of the mouth, with smell receptors in the nose.

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Loss of appetite in the elderly Comments By: Anne Ashworth on 2004-07-18
Don't over-spice the food, as the elderly are not usually used to heavily spiced dishes.
I would suggest serving quite small portions at each meal and make the food look appetising by use of garnishes in an assortment of colours .. eg. parsley, tomato, yellow pepper, red pepper or "shaved carrots".
The amounts at each meal can be increased as the appetite returns.

Xango Juice Comments By: Bill Cassidy on 2009-10-08
A few years back while at the doctors office I read an article on the Mangosteen,Then contacted the person whose name was on the article. Today my taste buds are better than they were 30 years ago. Thanks to the Xango Juice

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