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Cider vinegar and honey for arthritis

A good tonic for arthritis and treatment for it is; 2 spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar and honey in a glass of water several times daily.

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Advice required Comments By: Mrs. Joslin on 2006-08-01
I love cider vinegar (I make my own herbal vinegar) and I also like honey but, for some reason I can't fathom, I get an uncomfortable stomach if I drink them together! If I take them separately would the effect be the same?

Can you reply before 8th August, please, as my Internet e-mail address is being changed on that date.


Mrs. J.C. Joslin

Tipking says: I too have found that the honey and vinegar mixture gets to my stomach after a week or so. The reason I do not know. Sorry not to have been anymore help

Pimples Comments By: Mrs. Joslin on 2006-08-01
I wonder if anyone has tried cider vinegar for acne and pimples. I used to be plagued with blackheads and boils in my teens and most of my courtship was spent with my fiance (now my husband) squeezing out painful boils! Since I discovered cider vinegar (mixed half and half with water and used straight after washing your face or wherever your pimples are!) my skin has improved no end. I've now been using it for nearly 30 years and only get the odd pimple when I've over-indulged in ice-cream or cakes! It really is wonderful for any type of skin (sorry, made a typo on my earlier comment). I know it will sting a little bit at first but, as time goes by, your skin will adapt to that.

I hope this tip will help others with skin problems.


arthritis pain almost gone Comments By: susan on 2007-01-03
drinking this mixture and feeling so much better
How many times daily? Comments By: Jean on 2008-06-08
I have been taking this mixture once daily, first things in the morning before food, but it does not seem to be working. How many times daily is this required?

TipKing says:I would try taking it 3 times a day before meals. http://www.vinegarbook.net/Relieving_The_Pain_Of_Arthritis_With_Vinegar.shtml

from earlier readings. Comments By: A. Walker on 2008-06-29
I have read from other books that arthritis is caused by crystals formed in the joints from uric acid in the blood and, as cider vinegar will dissolve egg shells, it also eventually dissolves the uric acid crystals. That is why Cider Vinegar should be sipped and can take quite a while before starting to react (3 months??), so one has to be patient.
I would also suggest that the Cider Vinegar tablets which are now available are quicker, simpler and easier to take than mixing C.V and honey three times daily, although I'm sure the honey must provide other benefits.

Not sure Comments By: Nauseus of Chelsea on 2009-08-06
All was fine until I drank this mixture - I now feel very sick. Was it because I did not dilute it?
not yet Comments By: pat ravenscroft on 2009-10-11
only been takeing it for month hasent helped arhtritas yet but has surpressed my appetite so maybe i will loose some weight
advice needed please Comments By: anon on 2010-01-09
what size spoon to use for cider vinegar & how much honey?
what size spoons Comments By: joan on 2010-01-09
what size spoons is needed and how much honey

TipKing says: When I tried this I used small T spoons and 2 teaspoons of honey. I gave up after a week as my stomach became sore. USE WITH CAUTION

cider vinegar quantities and how often Comments By: Bob Mann on 2010-01-10
You said" 2 spoonfuls" teaspoons ,dessert come on! You said "several times daily" Several!2 , 4, 6 28? I`m looking into this to ease my wife`s condition butyour tip here seem a waste of time!
cider vinegar without honey Comments By: Mrs Ann Walker on 2010-02-20
I'm trying the cidar vinegar, perhaps mixed with some hot water, for osteo arthritis. Maybe it's the honey that's upsetting some people - my own stomach rejects it and I can eat almost anything. Not honey - even in a cough mixture it makes me vomit. Watch this space.
Ann Walker

I Will Give this a try !! Comments By: Sam on 2010-02-26
I,am a 52 year old male & my father suffered with arthritis and had de formed joints knuckles with hands & feet.
His treatment was Gold Injections and he had thess for years but secumbed to Pnemonia as a result of his lack of resistance possibly caused by the Gold injections.
I now have swollen knuckles in the morning & lower bad ache so I'am going to try this out, I am using Manuka Honey ,quite expensive but does help with stomach ulcers .

cider vinegar honey and drop of hot water Comments By: mary on 2010-03-01
Have been on the above 1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon cider vinegar and just drop of hot water to dissolve honey and mix taken twice a day and yes does make me feel bit sick. Will persevere longer if it helps with pain.
cider vinegar honey and drop of hot water Comments By: mary on 2010-03-01
Have been on the above 1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon cider vinegar and just drop of hot water to dissolve honey and mix taken twice a day and yes does make me feel bit sick. Will persevere longer if it helps with pain as only been taking it for 1 week.
Osteoarthritis and migraines Comments By: Karen on 2010-03-04
I drink 2 shot glasses morning and night daily.Instead of using water,I use apple juice.Makes it taste better.But to keep my migraines away and help with arthritis,I will continue.Have come off it(when feeling Better),all symptoms returned.So I will continue.I make up a batch in a 48 oz apple juice bottle of 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cup honey.Mix well.Keep in fridge and shake before use.
Osteoarthritis - Cyder Vinegar & Honey Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-22
Based upon a suggestion to help with the discomfort in my knee joints caused by osteoarthritis I took 2 desert spoons each of cyder vinegar (organic) and honey (organic) both from Tescos and mixed with hot water (to melt the honey) and topped up with cold water in a small cup. Taken twice a day. Within 3 days the ache and stiffness that I carried for 2-3 years had virtually all gone. Still have the pain of no cartilage but its like having new knees. Can almost start to run - well almost! Try it - but just be careful not to overdose as vinegar can cause intestinal problems. With that in mind before food would be a good time to take. Wholly recommended.
Does it affect Statins Comments By: Ken on 2010-06-26
I have been taking cider vinegar and honey for the past 3 months and it has helped with my aches and pains. I would like to know if it will react with my statin tablets?
Highly recommend cider vinegar/honey Comments By: Mary, Ireland on 2010-10-27
Relieves bloating,wonderful for constipation. I have found my hands are no tight and I feel it generally relieves my aches and pains. Be warned: take before food as it can upset stomach. I also use cider vinegar on salads, home made chutneys etc.
In a wine glass Comments By: Carol Clarke on 2011-01-09
I am just starting out on this apple cider vinegar regime as I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my hip and most likely my toes. My cousin in Florida gave me a tip and said to make a batch and keep it in the fridge. When you have you meal, take your apple potion in a stylish wine glass - the taste really dose grow on you. I just hope it will make a difference. I have been taking it for only a few weeks and want to believe it will work.
absolutely the best!! Comments By: anything natural on 2011-02-01
I started this combination about a month ago, and it curbs my appetite...as well as..relieves my joint pain...totally gone. I took this as a child for a sore throat..and it works wonders.
take AFTER food to protect stomach Comments By: MC on 2011-02-10
According to this article in the "Telegraph" it should be taken after meals; also avoid alcohol & cut out foods with refined sugar and any citric fruit.

honey and vinegar drink for arthritis Comments By: anon on 2011-02-10
I saw this in a hospital while my mother was taking treatment for cancer, asked the nurse about it and she told me it really works.She told me to mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of honey in 8oz of water mix well and drink 3 glasses a day,and I can tell you it really does work.
vinegar/honey for arthritus Comments By: Jim Meister on 2011-02-25
I find the mixture added to a glass of water eliminates digestive problems. May not work for everyone,we are all different.
Apple cider vinegar joint pains Comments By: Helen Harrison on 2011-08-03
I have been suffering with joint pains for over 3 years, the doctor suggested a few weeks back to try apple cyder vinegar mixed with water and honey. i was wondering how long it took to notice any improvement in the joints. obviously more than a few weeks? not too keen on honey but works well with peppermint tea which seems to disguise the bitter taste of the vinegar just as well.

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