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Bread and Water for hic-ups

To cure hic ups, just drink a glass of water. Then eat a piece of bread.

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all I can say is thanks so much Comments By: Nathan on 2006-11-19
finally somthing that works thanks so much for this tip it worked perfectly and considering when I get hic cups i get them very bad and they can continue on for days it worked right away and stopped them thanks so so much
thanks it really did work Comments By: Casey on 2007-07-19
i have had the hicups at least 7 different times today and this last time i drank one cup of water then ate a slice of bread and before i finished the bread my hicups were gone. thanks

It worked!! Great tip. Comments By: Jsamps on 2009-07-15
Perfect Comments By: Samy,from tanzania on 2009-07-26
Ryt nw i drink water n slice of bread i swear b4 i finish da bread it was gone ,tanx alot n i apreciate 4 dat

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