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Say Purple to cure hic-ups

To cure hiccups, take a deep breath and say the word PURPLE slowly as you breath out. I've tried it with other colours but purple is the only one that works!

Visitors comments

Worked Comments By: steph on 2004-08-08
Not only is it my fave color but saying it cures my hiccups too.

TipKing Says: Wow. I must admit I thought this was one of the wackier tips.

It works! Comments By: anon on 2004-08-12
I was skeptical about taking a deep breath and slowly say the word "PURPLE" when breathing out, but oh my goodness, my hiccups were INSTANTLY cured. As dumb as it sounds, it really works!! At least for me it does.... You try...
Nope...didnt work Comments By: Lee on 2005-06-07
I tried 3 times and still have them...
Nope..not yet Comments By: The grl who get the most hiccups! on 2006-10-15
Ive tried and tried but nothing nothing at all but im still trying!
Wow! Comments By: Maggie on 2007-02-06
I was stuck at work whn I got the hiccups, so I didn't have access to sugar or vinegar. This worked right away!
PURPLE works Comments By: Nat Gilchrist on 2008-12-09
It worked straight away. Whats with that?
Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-06
The first time I heard I was like "Whatever!"

This does work, and you don't even have to say it slowly. Just say the colour like you mean it, if ya get what I mean?



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