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Honey to cure hic-ups

A tasty, effective cure for hiccups, that's also good for you, is a teaspoon of honey. stops the hiccups immediately.

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This works! Comments By: Suzanne on 2005-11-24
This really works! I've tried it all and this is the only one that has done the trick.!
instant cure Comments By: marcelle on 2005-11-28
I was skeptical but I tried it anyway, it really works instantly!
I am happy Comments By: ReBecca Matthews on 2007-10-08
I have been Hiccuping for hours and I signed on to your site and I hiccuped as I was eating that teaspoon of honey and it was gone It worked. Thank you there gone
Awsome! Comments By: Be on 2008-01-27
I have had te hicups for the last 3.5 hrs and I finally decided to go online and find a cure. allthough the french kiss idea sounded great my wife is out of state so I tried the HONEY... Instantly the hicups disappeared.
It really works! Comments By: Mari on 2008-11-14
Im shocked i just had the hicups checked this site and saw the honey tip and immediately tried it and it worked! Wow!!!!
nope it didn't work Comments By: Nic on 2010-04-15
tried it and it failed.... bummer

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