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Ice for cold sores

When you feel that first tingle, grab an ice cube and hold it on the cold sore. Get the spot cold but be careful not to hurt your skin. This will seize the process, or at least lessen the size of the sore.

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Ice on cold sores really work Comments By: Thank god for Ice on 2005-07-12
At the first sign of my cold sore, I decided to place a bag of ice on it to prevent the swelling....I've never did this before and not only did it prevent the swelling, but it did not blister I only had a very small sore which was not noticable. It honestly worked for me!
Ice is a MIRACLE to treat fever blisters!! I swear by it! Comments By: Amy W. on 2009-03-14
I have been getting fever blisters since I was like 5. When I was in grade school the school nurse told me about Ice. She said as soon as you feel the tingle of the blister starting take Ice and rap it in a paper towl (just so you can hold it) and leave it on there as long as you can. I always melt the entire cube some times a couple and it kills the bacteria and stops the blister dead in its tracks!! I used to get fever blisters all the time now the only way I get one is if I happen to not be around some Ice when the blister starts. It is a God sent idea and works. Just remember AS SOON AS YOU FEEL THE BLISTER START TINGLING AND IT GETS THE WARM FEELING, GRAB THE ICE AND KEEP IT ON THERE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. You will be amazed!!
Been using ice forever... Comments By: Emma on 2009-04-22
Brilliant remedy, I was always told to do this as a child, and as i grew older (been having them for years =[) I've been using other remedy's, over the counter creams are over priced and useless after a while, but i find drying out a cold sore in any way possible is good, nail polish remover is a favorite! other than that regular use of ice =] I have 3 cold sores atm and they are all manageable so far!
Im Not Sure =/ Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-21
I Did It When I First Sighted The Small Tiny Bumps. And I Just Did It Until The Ice Melted And It Feels Tingling And Beepy... It's Hard To Explain.
gonna see & also tell you if ice REALLY works! Comments By: Mary Young on 2011-01-06
ok so I keep reading all about putting ice on a cold sore at the first sign of tingling. See I just realized I have a cold sore, so I figured I would get on here and see if anything seemed helpfull. So I am going to try the ice idea and get back on here and tell you the results! Wish me luck!

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