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Warm air for ear ache

One method of quickly soothing an ear ache to to use the heat from a hair dryer on the low setting. This warm, not hot, air is going to massage your inner ear.

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Temporary results Comments By: Kirstie on 2004-08-07
You are right, it does work but only temporarily, it eases the pain long enough for me to find another cure.
Not recommended for babies! Comments By: Kelly in OH on 2004-08-10
Even on the low setting, the sound of the blowdryer can damage their delicate hearing.
Earache Comments By: Michael on 2010-02-07
My ear hurts so bad
PAINN Comments By: EARPAIN on 2010-04-17
I am in pain Comments By: ROBERT on 2010-10-22
The pain started last night, I could'n sleep at all. Now is 900am I don't have pain, but I want to prevent coming againg. I don't like to put nothing inside my ear, I think I going to tray your advice, make sence to me thanks.
sucks! Comments By: dee on 2011-02-14
this does not work! COMPLETE waste of time ...

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