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Peroxide for ear ache

A few drops of peroxide put into the ear and then let it drain out - this takes the pain from ear aches away.

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it worked for me Comments By: Jeremiah sllen on 2004-08-17
I useed this medthod when I get my ear aches and the pain is gone
thumbs up Comments By: A mom on 2004-08-26
my 9 year old woke up with a ear ache i tryed the Peroxide and a hot waterbottle and she seems fine
Wow It worked! Comments By: Steve W on 2004-08-28
I had an ear infection, and got it at the worst time. As a youth pastor we had our biggest fundraiser of the year, a week long food booth at the county fair.

Before that every day I have my day job. We are talking 16 hour days. No time for a doctors visit. I have been hurting for the last three days when my wife tells me to try it. Voila!

What's that sizzling sound? Bacon? Ah! Comments By: Karl Verhaeghe on 2004-10-30
Ouch! Felt good for a minute, warm, bubbly somewhat soothing sensation followed by a sharp stinging. Don't put anything funky in your ear. Go to a doctor.
Nurses say NO Comments By: Traci on 2004-12-29
I just talked to a nurse on the nurse hot line my dr has and said not to put ANYTHING in the ear because there could be a problem that you dont know about and make it worse. She said to put a towel in the dryer and lay on that being elevated, or rice in the microwave and the rice molds to your ear, or even a heating pad. But more important try any medications like Tylenol, or advil.
Immediate, short lasting relief... Comments By: guy incognito on 2005-01-01
First off, it was New Years Eve...Doctor was going to be closed for the next 3 days and I WAS NOT going to the ER. OK, I tried the peroxide twice. The first time about 10PM. It provided immediate relief from the pain. The pain was back by about 2AM, so I did the peroxide again, along with a shower as hot as I could stand it (let the water run over the side of my head by the affected ear) and took three ibuprofin and when I woke up the next morning (New Years Day) I feel about 90% better. The pain and pressure is gone. Inside of the ear is itching a little, but no pain and pressure like yesterday... Hope this helps...
peroxide in the 4 earache & pressure Comments By: betsy on 2005-05-24
ok well i just tried it dont notice a diff yet however im going to the doc at 2:30 for sinus infection and ear.I will tell you about the effects of it after 3...
help Comments By: anonomous on 2005-06-02
i have a toothache that is caused by an earache what do i do

TipKing says: Seek medical advice for your earache....

A little sweet oil Comments By: Megan on 2006-01-11
i put the peroxide in my ear then add a few drops of sweet oilthen a warm compress like a heating pad for a little while
Uhhhh Comments By: Fayme on 2007-05-20
This may be a "duh", but im kinda slow, so I should have had it spelled out for me..so just in case there are others, here it is: If you use peroxide in the ear, use warm water right afterward to help get it all out. After I used peroxide in my ear, not much of it came OUT of the ear, and I couldn't hear! Dumb me, tried warm water, and got better...last time I listen to my mother's "you don't need a doctor" advice.
Love it!! Comments By: Dawna on 2007-06-08
Any time my kids complain of ear trouble we use peroxide immediately. Don't wait, do it right away for best results. My 8yr old has allergies and ears get itchy. This helps for that too! NEVER need antibiotics for earaches! It's the best!
Fungal Ear Infection Comments By: MR. Wizard on 2007-06-14
I tried it and got no relief... I had a fungal ear infection and it made it worse.

He said don't use peroxide if there's a chance the eardrum could be perforated or ruptured and if it's swim ear pain (caused by water in ear) use a mixture of 2/3 alcohol to 1/3 white vinegar as drops to dry the ear.

My ENT specialist said that peroxide is good for some things and he reccomends an oil based peroxide called DEBROX (Generic form is Carbomide Peroxide).

But if you know you have an ear infection let a doctor take a look there are some cases that it can cause things to get worse quickly.

I had to have my ear suctioned out it hurt!

Headset Earache. Comments By: Ouchy ear girl. on 2007-09-08
I've been working at a coffee drive through for the last four months. From what I believe, the headset (which is shared with all of the employees) has created an ear infection. I talked to my boyfriend and he recommended putting peroxide in my ear. So I did it. Feels amazing. Kind of fuzzy too.
Too much of a Good Thing? Comments By: Kevin Beyreuther on 2008-01-18
I felt the beginnings of an ear infection and knew that peroxide is good for cleaning an infection, such as a cut finger. I put peroxide in the ear several times and had seemingly good results. Until my infection turned really bad and I went to the doctor. Peroxide may be good for a small cut, but not good for the natural oil and wax that nature uses to protect the ear from harm. In fact, it dries up the natural defenses. The doctor prescribed ear drops which really took 3-4 days to relieve the infection, but.....Go to the doctor or you may do much more harm than good
Peroxide in ear after tubes installed Comments By: Rick on 2008-03-26
I am in my 50's and had tubes installed about a year ago and now feel pressure on my ear, I tried peroxide and had instant pain. Don't know what the peroxide was doing but it did not help , it made things worse. Very painful
Peroxide Wonders Comments By: Jess on 2008-06-10
I have had ear problems since birth, have had multiple tubes, 5 ear drum bursts and countless ear infections. I have pretty bad allergies and those are to blame for a lot of my problems. I had been going to an ENT doc and he would suction my ear out and look over everything a few times a year. Then I switched family docs and I was explaining my situation to the new doc. He suggested using warm peroxide to flush and clean out my ear on a regular basis. I do this now a few times a month and it's been over 2 years since I've had any infections or anything. Now I'm sure there are cases out there that you wouldn't want to use this treatment. But for the common ear infection, this could work for you.
did u no this Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-19
peroxide will damage your ear drum!!!!!!!!!!!
Earache Problems Comments By: Ms.B on 2008-06-28
I believe the BEST cure for an earache is to use some regular SWEET OIL not heated or anything just put some sweet oil on a small piece of a cotton ball and placed it in the aching ear and after a little while maybe an hour at the most the ear will ease off. Now everyone bodies is not the same this I know but I just wanted to let you know what help me with my earaches and it might help you with yours.
ANTIBIOTICS Comments By: dr_cliff on 2008-07-23
The best remedy is antibiotics perscribed by your doctor. But, as with many families today due to the economic crisis, I suggest using the peroxide if you KNOW you have a common ear infection, and use a HIGH POTENCY pain killer like Vicodin or Codein. This will allow you to sleep at night.
Salt Comments By: Danny Thomas on 2008-08-03
Just use a pound or two of salt heatit in a pan on the stove until it is very hot not burnt. Put in a pillow case and wrap with soft towel lat down the bad ear on it. This heats up the wax in your ear draws it out along with water.
This is an acient method.

It works for me... Comments By: FarmTruk, Wallburg, NC on 2008-09-01
I will drip peroxide into my ear at the onset of an ear ache.

It usually begins to work immediately. And by continuing to use it, will generally clear it, and the pain, away in just a few short days.

I do recommend flushing the ear with a few drops of isopropal alcohol aftwards, however, to dry out the canal, and remove the peroxide residue.

Case in point...this morning, my ear seemed stopped up, and as the day wore on, it started to ache, along with my jaw. This afternoon, I put the peroxide in, and it fizzed a lot. The pain began to reduce, and after a second appication this evening, the pain is almost all gone, along with the ear's congestion.

I highly recommend at least trying this before seeing the doctor for the occasional minor ear ache.

Peroxide is the best Comments By: Peroxide Drinker on 2008-09-04
All these people working for the drug companies saying antibiotics or pain killers are the best, you need to stop, peroxide is the best, it cures ear infections and I don't see the big deal if there is a little residue in your ear, it starts to turn to water as soon as it is out of the bottle H202 it releases the extra oxygen directly into your ear which has curring properties, the bubbles you hear are oxygen, what is left behind is water once that extra oxygen molecule is released. Hydrogen Peroxide also makes a fantastic rocket fuel in non dilluted concentrations. If you have tubes in your ear, I would definately check with a doctor, because certain metals, silver, platinum, can act as a catalyst, releasing the extra oxygen molecule more violently
Ms I just used the peroxide remedy! Comments By: Mee Mee on 2008-10-18
Peroxide works! I have had and ear ache for the past 3 days. I thought it was my wisdom tooth at first causing it but after having it for a day and taking Motrin every 6 hours. I noticed that my tooth wasn't even hurting but my ear was throbbing and having sharp pains still!

So I got online to find a remedy and came here. Tried the warm water mixed with peroxide and I feel and felt better the moment I put it in my ear.

I will keep using this remedy until it's gone completely!

No meds for me today at least!!

about peroxide in the ear Comments By: brenda on 2008-10-28
i heard from a friend that a specialist told her that peroxide is bad for the eardrum it eats the lining away or something like that is that true
ENT advice Comments By: Mom of 2 sons on 2008-12-04
My ENT told me to put in a few drops of a mix of peroxide and warm water into my sons ears when they first started getting an earache. If it didnt get better or if they had a temperature, come see him because it was probably infected. He said if I thought it was swimmers ear, then use the alcohol and white vinegar and again, if no better or temperature develops, come in. This has always worked. One of my sons has a hearing loss due to a genetic deformity and we have worked with this ENT for a long time and feel very comfortable with his recommendations. BUT...always if there is a temperatue involved, your body is trying to fight off an infection so antibotics may be needed.
peroxide works Comments By: Roberta on 2008-12-29
After two rounds of antibiotics (the second stronger than the first) and four weeks of ear pain..I finally found relief with a couple drops of peroxide. Amazing how that works! Who knew??
It works Comments By: rebecca on 2009-01-18
My father always used peroxide on our earaches as kids (20+ years ago), and it works. I now use it on my kids on the rare occasions they get ear aches. You just pour a little in and wait until it stops bubbling, then tip your head over to drain it out. I then leave the ear alone for a while then place a clean piece of cotton cloth in the ear with a little bit of oilive oil or sweet oil. Do not heat the oil, the heat draws more blood to that location and makes it hurt more.
Peroxide is actually healthier for you than antibiotics Comments By: Brown on 2009-01-25
Antibiotics over a period of time can affect you.Antibiotics may cause Grey hair, hair loss, (male or female). Liver and kidney infection.. Peroxide will not affect you at all. I personally wouldn't touch any kind of antibiotic because I care about myself, and I'd advise you to do the same
Too much peroxide is too much! Comments By: kristine on 2009-01-09
Okay so I have been sick with a "cough" for the past 4 days, two nights ago my boyfriend who tends to do things in mid sleep, left the window a crack and my cough got worse and not to mention my ear was somewhat clogged ""right ear only""
when I was younger around 12/13 i had a clogged ear, my mom put peroxide in my ear and it got even worse and i had to go to the ER, they gave me antibiotics, it worked wonders for me, but now that i did it again, with the advice of a friend, it made my clogged ear YET AGAIN worse. I did it the 1st time it cleared a LITTLE, so my boyfriend's father suggested to do it again, I think he put too much this time, and now I feel deaf from my ear, i can hardly hear anything =[ it feels like the inside of my ear is swollen and basically blocking me from hearing, i tried to put a ice pack on my ear to bring the swelling down, that didn't help, i think i'm going to take a warm shower and let the water hit the ear, do you think this may work?

Peroxide worked for me Comments By: Karen on 2009-01-11
I also got an ear infection from a headset at work. I never had problems with my ears until I started using the headset that other employees used. I put a cap full of peroxide in my ears for 5 minutes each or until it stopped bubbling. I can hear better and I had instant relief. It was annoying while the bubbling was happening. It tickled but I knew it was for my own good so I let it soak. Next time I will heat it up and add warm water then flush it out with a few drops of alcohol and warm water.
Peroxide Sucks.... Comments By: Crystal on 2009-02-20
i just used it right now and oh wow i love the sound and the feeling but after i let it drain, i can barely hear out of it.... =( ima go to the doctors tonight, hopefully i didnt make it worse...
peroxide works me Comments By: Diane on 2009-02-24
I've used peroxide for minor ear infections from as far back as I can remember. It doesn't hurt, and it saves a trip to the doctor. I am completely deaf in my right ear from birth, so I am pretty protective of the left ear. I have had nothing but good results with peroxide. But I'll bet some people who do have trouble with peroxide have more serious infections, or have differently made ears where anything liquid actually gets behind the drum making things worse. So while it works for me and obviously others it's not for everyone.
Peroxide to clean ear wax out Comments By: Anita on 2009-03-11
My son had tubes put in his ear over ago and the specialist told me to put 2 drop of peroxide to clean out the wax in his ears.
Peroxide worked awesome for my SON! Comments By: Nicole on 2009-03-15
My son (8yrs old) woke up this morning crying and crying that his ear really hurt bad. I jumped online and was looking for a good home remedy considering its Sunday and I don't want to spend my day at the ER. SO needless to say i put a few drops of peroxide in his ear while he was laying on the good ear and wow he stopped crying instantly!!!! I left the peroxide in his ear for 10 mins. He said "wow mom I feel great" "it don't hurt at all now"! I am so happy! I hate it when my children are sick and now i am giving a big thanks to PEROXIDE!!!
ER Nurse Says Yes! Comments By: ER Nurse on 2009-04-02
I work in a busy ER in an urban setting. Many times a day, we have patients with ear complaints and the majority of those patients receive ear irrigation treatments with a peroxide/normal saline solution. I do not recommennd patients with tubes to use this method. On a lighter note, the overuse of antibiotics have led to higher occurences of drug-resistant strains of infection. Consult with your physician, but don't demand an antibiotic.
I think I liked it Comments By: angi on 2009-04-25
I used 3% peroxide that you get from the store and well it totally worked... it spooked me alittle when I first put it in because of the loud bubble sound but that started to slow down along with taking the pain away... today my ear is feeling alot better so yea I would say that it did the job...
mineral oil Comments By: Jackie on 2009-07-10
mineral oil works good
Ear completetly clogged Comments By: Erica on 2009-07-22
And it worked!!!!!
Works great but... Comments By: Melody on 2009-08-15
In my experience it works great. But from what I've heard, don't use it if your infection is all way down in the eardrum. That can cause complications.

I find this treatment most effective if you pair it with some kind of OTC anti-inflammatory pain medication like Motrin or Aleve. The peroxide helps the infection while the medication brings the swelling down and helps it drain properly.

peroxide wont come out after a week Comments By: robyn on 2009-08-19
i put peroxide in my ear a week ago n it still hasnt came out. when i lay down i can feel it rolling around my the top of my head n down the front of my face....it wont come out of my ear....help
It worked for my kids! Comments By: Lindsay on 2009-09-26
My kids have had a cold for about a week. I took them to the after hours clinic a couple of days ago and they didn't see anything wrong with the ears, nose and throat. Tonight both of them were complaining of ear pain. I remembered that my Mom and Dad used to pour a little peroxide into my ears when I had ear infections. So, I tried it. It seems to have worked for both of them! They are fast asleep now. I did give them a little ibuprofen, but as soon as I poured the peroxide in my son said the pain was gone and he smiled. Very cool! Try it.
peroxide does work Comments By: Roy on 2009-10-29
lay down on the side that isnt infected and have someone help you pour 3/4 of the cap of peroxide in your infected ear and then press a warm wash cloth against it and stay like that for 10-15min might have to do this a couple times but works wonderfully
I used Peroxide previously Comments By: Evie on 2009-11-16
In the last year my ENT has suggested using 1/2 part apple cider vinegar and 1/2 part alcohol. The TV Drs. show , the pediatrician suggested the same thing. Latest thing I guess! Maybe you should use what seems to help you best
worked Comments By: jehon-pol on 2009-11-24
My daughter was crying from the pain in her right ear...I came online to see if I could use peroxide and found this site... I put in a couple drops and she had immediate relief
this is nice, not Comments By: mandy on 2009-11-25
ok how about i have it in my ear now and i cant get it out... i cant hear at all in my right ear
wrong for most Comments By: Allyssa Fearra on 2009-11-27
ok so i have been having ear aches since i was little and never heard of this so i tried it and it sucked my ear is was really sensitive after i could feel my heart beatin it.
So i went back to what i knew if you have bad ear achs put onion juice in a cotten ball and put that in your ear it relives the pain or you can put a hole in a garlic clove and squezz out the oil into your ear and that will relive the pain as well as work as an antibioic and kill the infecition minarel oil works good to yhe heat pad is an all time favorit keep cold air out of it as much as possibal if its water take a towwel and place it over your ear and use a blow dryer on warm on your ear is none of these work you should go to a ENT. I WISH THE BEST OF LUCK I KNOW THIS SUCK

omg can't believe this seems to have worked so far!! Comments By: shelley on 2009-12-07
Have been having earache on and off for several weeks - sometimes dull ache, sometimes sharp pains... Doctor said to take claritin, but it's been no help. Looked online and found suggestions ranging from hot packs, ice, garlic juice (!!), onion juice, "sweet" or olive oil, and hydrogen peroxide.
Well, lo and behold! Put a q-tip with hydrogen peroxide in the sore ear, left it a minute or two -- heard all kinds of FUNNY popping sizzling kinds of noises... Then tried it in the other (non-hurting) ear, and not much sound at all. Amazingly, the pain seemed to go away RIGHT away! So far, has not been back, but it's only been about 45 minutes. Am praying this will last -- but if it does, will be so amazed!

Nope :( Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-27
It makes your ear feel a little better when you pour it in and gets all bubbly and kind of tingly.Kind of makes you forget about the pain.Then it comes right back! In my case that is.It didn't help at all! Any other remedies??
Worked on 2 yr old 12/27/09 at 3:30 AM Comments By: Tammy Roberts on 2009-12-28
My daughter woke up last night crying that her ear hurt and demanded we put a band aid on it. We put the band aid on it :-) and I also put a couple of drops of peroxide in it along with giving her some tylenol. She was back to sleep within minutes.
ongoing fungal infection Comments By: clink on 2009-12-29
My ear had been giving me grief for weeks, tried 2 different drops from my doctor, no good. Then he gave me otacomb which made me deaf and felt horrible. So I used some 6% peroxide, twice, aaah! Relief! I can hear! No pain, no blockage.
If there's a fever -- Comments By: Dob on 2010-02-17
All of us know when you have an earache the most important thing you're concerned about is getting rid of the pain! Just be cautious. I'm not a big fan of antibiotics, but if you have a fever, your body is telling you to see a doctor.
Hooray for peroxide Comments By: CuriousI on 2010-04-08
I am a believer in peroxide. I have a sinsus infection and it helps with the drainage into my ears from the sinuses. I also use herbs instead of antibiotics to cure sinus problems. I had my experience with antibiotics for years I am 52yrs old and say "no thank you to them". I spent lots of time and money in the ER because of side effects. People out there should listen to you bodies and take the natural herbs from the earth and use natural cures for your body. Do you want to hurt yourself with drugs or cure the illness and keep you body in good condition?
Home remedy fo earaches Comments By: shawnlyn on 2010-04-20
A camp nurse did this to me 20 years ago,and I've done it ever since. When my son was young I used this and cleared up infections(suspected once or twice) and prevented them.If pain was present I would use a capful with warm water,about 70 water 30 peroxide,let it bubble until the gunk surfaces,then flush out with warm water.with a medicine syringe,or during bath. For maintenance and cleaning 80water/ 20 peroxide. I thought it was crazy,but would never do something to him I hadn't done to myself,and it works.It never harmed him and never he never had to see a DR for an ear infection.! And nothing against Drs but very few think outside the textbook and rx handbook
May do more harm then good Comments By: Dr.Ears on 2010-05-06
I've always used hydrogen peroxide in my ear when they felt clogged or infected, but be warrant that any pain felt inside the ear is a totally different ballgame. Your ear canal may get relief from the peroxide but your inner or middle ear, where the pain s really coming from, fluid built up in your Eustachian tubes, must allow to drain naturally. hearing loss is common, but DONT STICK ANYTHING IN YOUR EARS!!! as an ENT Dr. we highly warrant against such practices, your body will clear itself in a few short days as long as nothing is being forced down your ear. take two Tylenol or Advil and lay on opposite ear to let fluid drain through Eustachian tubes and down to your throat. gargling salt water helps as well. but try not to use peroxide, actually damages eardrum after prolonged exposure.
Peroxide is Dangerous to healthy tissue! Comments By: kathy on 2010-05-15
It is no longer recommended to use peroxide to clean wounds or clear infection. Peroxide damages healthy tissue cells and can cause real problems.
PLEASE, PLEASE always check for the true
effects of anything you put in your ears, mouth, or wounds.

Dr Oz ..on tv says it works.. Comments By: Tina on 2010-05-16
I seen on the Dr OZ show that peroxide works ,and he uses it on his family. Look it up on the Dr.OZ site on internet.
After reviewing all your comments...I did it a couple of hours ago Comments By: Betty on 2010-05-28
I was a little unsure about the Peroxide Water because the contradicting messages but I took the cahnce becaus the pain and disconfort was so strong that iI could not stand it.
I did it a tree hours ago and took a couple of advils. Inmediately after the peroxide tratment I felt not cured but much better at a point that I'm working for the last three hours.
I started with the Advil 24 hours ago which alleviates but not enough to be able to concentrate. if the same pain & discomfort come back if a few hours I will write again.

If you have ear pain, this is what you may expect... Comments By: Betty on 2010-06-02
I promised to get back to report and so I'm doing. My pain started thursday night. I tried diluted vinegar, several times and the pain was so intolerable that i will not say that it helped. As advised by the pharmacist I bought ear oil...Pain and more...still there. Tried the Peroxixe several times but by then I started the advil. To make the story short nothing helped but Advil, or Tylenol or Aspirin (I alternated). I managed to continue with my life but medicated 100% of the time, just minimum stuff. I had a air travel the next Tuesday and I promised myself that I will go to the doctor before that becuse I was terrified about tha pain that I will suffered but again, too busy to stop (a a full bottle of pain killers) I took the flight praying... I did't felt the terrible pain. Today is Wednesday night. I didn't died, my ear is still there as well as the pain. I'm doing better and always medicated with the tinnitus, the deafness and my pain killers. Flying back tomorrow and I'm not plannning to go to the doctor but expect everything to go away one day. So if you have ear pain congestion, infection, you have two choices; take pain killers and be patient or go to the doctor to see if he can make something to make it go sooner but It will stay for several days anyway.
peroxide and the ear Comments By: Jessie on 2010-06-24
I think peroxide worked ok, I did wake up twice after using and had to use it again. I obviously need to see a doctor and the next appointment is not until Monday and it is only Thursday.. I never have problems with my ear and it really hurts. I have no money and need some quick help? any suggestions besides medication and peroxide???
Home remedy... gone wrong?? Comments By: Daniela on 2010-07-08
My boyfriend was complaining of an itchy feeling inside his ear, so! I told him to put a cap full of peroxide in his ear and to let it drain out after 2 minutes. I asked him how he was feeling later on that day after he did it and he said he was feeling great. No itchy feeling, nothing. But the next day he complained that his ear felt hot and swollen on the inside. He wasn't running a fever, but I think something went wrong :(
Better used for preventing ear ache Comments By: Mommy of 3 on 2010-08-31
I would not recommend using it for an ear ache, but I know using peroxide as a preventative measure can help reduce bacterial based ear infections (because you're killing and flushing the bacteria out of the ear). I have been doing this for over a decade and clean my ears with it every few months, haven't had an ear infection since I had trouble with my wisdom teeth in my early 20's. I also do my children's ears and they can hear better immediately, and also have not experienced ear infections, so we save the ER visits for other unexpected emergencies... Hope this helps :)
the truth lies somewhere inbetween Comments By: darkflux on 2010-09-22
Peroxide will NOT damage most peoples' ears (except maybe some sensitive folks), so long as you don't LEAVE it in there for too long. if irritation occurs, you may want to also rinse out with water afterwards. you don't need to do this TOO regularly, once a month at most, except in extreme cases, in which case it might be time to go see a doctor!
you DEFINITELY don't want to get any in your INNER EAR (past the eardrum), as there may end up being some BLOOD coming back out with all that wax, so if your ear has been popping, you might want to wait awhile 'til that's stopped.
to whomever advises putting oil, of ANY kind in your ear...no. think of it this way, oil in the ear gets heated naturally and then supposedly slides back out, but oil leaves a residue, and as that residue is heated and then cools, it hardens, and is more difficult to remove than the wax! try putting a thin layer of oil in the microwave, heating it, then letting it cool. an hour later it's like butter! DO NOT PUT OIL IN YOUR EARS! you will end up having to go to the doctor for real to have him clean it out, and it will not be pleasant...

Works delightfully Comments By: Bessie on 2010-10-10
My mom and dad did this for me every sense i was like 4 and it never fails! It the biggest part of the time works, Only 1 time out of many has it not, I had to go to the doctor to get medicine for it, But even then it helped it, Just didn't fix it all, You cannot promise anything will work for anyone, But it works for me/dad/grandmother and many other people and has never hurt any of us.
Suggested by ER doctor for ear ache Comments By: Joozz on 2010-10-21
Had terrible earache this week and went to ER, Doctor gave me Sofradex 8ml and told me to heat water on the stove, use 2 ml. of peroxide & 2 ml. of white vinegar to 1CC of the boiled water and wash my ears out once a week with this mixture. The vinegar restores the ph to the ear and the peroxide clears the wax.
50/50 Warm Water and Peroxide Comments By: Brad on 2010-12-22
To all the people who said how bad peroxide is for your ears... HELLO!! Debrox HAS A FORM OF PEROXIDE IN IT!!! You just need to dilute the peroxide with luke warm water (1 part water and 1 part peroxide) and let sit for about 10 min. Then use a soft rubber buble syringe and flush your ear with luke warm water a couple times. This will help to 1) relieve the pain and 2) remove any extra built up wax within your ear. I use this every other month due to over active wax producing within my ear. If I didn't do this I would be in pain 24/7/365. If you are scared to try this, then get of the computer looking for remidies and head to your doctor's office!! Duh!!
Peroxide worked for me Comments By: Dr. Wentworth ( Queens University) on 2010-12-22
Had a lot of trouble randomly with one of my ear. It started out hurting minimally but then gradually started hurting to the point my teeth were hurting! All in the span of like 2 hours. I didnt know what to do, I took pain relievers but nothing was helping. Stubled upon this site and figured id give it a try. Poured a cap full of peroxide into my hear while my head was side was and let it fiz and crackle with the strangest feeling of goodness. It was literally soothing my ear by killing all the backteria and felt amazing. Felt as though I was finally itching a spot after a long time of it being itchy. Fell asleep soon after I rinsed the peroxide out with warm water and woke up with no ear ache. Do yourself a favor and peroxide your ear if it is hurting really bad. Peroxide is a germ killing product that was only ment to clean and not harm, Do not worry about it.
EXCELLENT Comments By: Marisa on 2011-02-03
My 13 year son was in so much pain from the ear ache and I put the peroxide in the ear and it immediately worked. I was a bit skeptical but I asked my son what did he feel he told me no pain at all.
IT HURTS Comments By: Dan on 2011-02-04
I've had blocked ears for a couple weeks which turned into an infection. I was looking around for some home remedies and found the peroxide trick.

Tried it and now I'm in incredible pain. My head is aching, I'm dizzy, it's throbbing. I will probably need to go to the hospital and it feels like I have a full blown infection again instead of just the minor discomfort I had before.

It feels good. Comments By: nikki on 2011-04-07
I use it on myself and my son to clean our ears. I am not sure how effective it is but it feels good and I like the thought that it is killing germs. But it did cause my son skin irritation so he will not be using this method again.
LOL Comments By: Erika almazan on 2011-04-04
All I have to say is... LOL

BE VERY CAREFUL and consult with doctor Comments By: Tippi on 2011-04-17
I have read all the above comments. I have used peroxide on and off my entire life and had 2x tubes as a child, and a blocked eustachian tube. I have to agree that it may be effective on a short-term basis, but since you only have two very precious ears, the SMARTEST THING TO DO is to consult with your doctor ASAP. You could have an uncommon infection in there and cause damage if you avoid going to the ENT doctor.

Your Ear, Nose and Throat doctor will examine your eardrums and at that point if they are healthy, he might give you a recipe for a peroxide mix for maintenance or to avoid going to the ER on a weekend or on vacation.

Please remember that leaving water and expended Peroxide in your ears can easily cause swimmer's ear, which comes on rather quickly; a few DROPS (Not a capful!) of alcohol will clear residual water out of the ear. Just drop it in and shake your head out holding a tissue. The alcohol will instantly dry the remaining water. Holding the alcohol in your head will damage your ear and cause major pain. But a couple of drops just for a second removes the water better than anything else.

Again, the best advice is SEE YOUR DOCTOR to be certain. If you can't afford that, call a nurse and get certified medical advice, not the internet. people can tell you anything and it might be dangerous. There are a lot of old wives tales out there that are passed on that are effective, and many that are NOT. Just because your mama used to put honey in your butt or what have you, doesn't mean it was good advice!

Stay healthy, ya'll and TALK TO A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL for advice.

Q-Tips are not safe Comments By: Tippi on 2011-04-17
Very important to remember that, even though Q-tips are a great shape for sticking in your ear, they are not sterile, and it is too easy to puncture and unseat your delicate ear mechanism.

Keep pinkie fingers and Q-Tips out of ears or you are adding greatly to the bacteria.

If you have healthy ears, a peroxide mixture with water can be good to loosen ear wax if you produce too much too fast. But do get the "all clear" from your doctor before you put anything at all in there. My doctor says "never, ever, ever, ever put anything into your ear" as a general rule.

ok Comments By: Andrew on 2011-04-25
So I just tried it the pain went away so off to bed hopefully it will be good in the morning


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