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Garlic for ear ache

Juice from a fresh garlic in you ear is thought to take away the pain from an ear ache.

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Stinging Comments By: Kirstie on 2004-08-07
It instantly gives the ear a cooling sensation and relieves the pain right away.
help im in pain Comments By: anon on 2004-08-16
I just did it and the pain seems to have tripled and turned into a burning stinging sensation!
it works Comments By: have had many on 2004-09-08
the garlic works by helping to kill the bacteria that causes the earache. although if you believe the eardrum to be damaged, you shouldn't put any liquid in the ear.
earache and garlic Comments By: Greta on 2004-09-12
I'm writing this with a a wad of kitchen roll sticking out of my ear. The garlic inside the kitchen roll is causing a fairly intense stinging sensation. I've just taken the kitchen roll out because I feel a burning sensation and hatepain. The juice of the garlic does seem to be working its way inside to the problem without the kitchen roll staying in for half an hour.

I am getting some pain relief now. I was on the verge of phoning the emergency doctor before your helpful hint so thanks very much for your help and advice. I must remind myself not to lend an ear to any of my pupils' problems tomorrow! Don't stand so close to me......

Thank you . Can't believe it worked. Comments By: Heather McKaig on 2007-06-07
Two o'clock in the morning and my 16 year old was in absolute agony. As soon as I put garlic juice in her ear (and this was only the stuff that comes in a jar not the real mccoy)she stopped being in such awful distress. Thank you. This will be in my medicine cabinet from now on.
Garlic juice stings and burns Comments By: William on 2008-03-20
I have used onion juice sucsesfully for ear infections.

Recently I decided to up the ante. So I extracted some garlic juice and dropped it into my ear. It stung and burned causing much pain. I had even diluted it a bit.

I wish that I had stuck with just onion

ouch Comments By: jessica on 2008-03-29
im trying the cold towel trick and it still hurts...im hearing a clicky noice in my drum can anyonetell me any other rememdies or have i damaged my ear drum
Alternately, Use Fresh Garlic Piece Comments By: mans on 2010-08-06
I WILL NOT put anything in my ear except water for irrigation (cleaning wax). So, I have successfully used a piece of fresh garlic took out from the bunch and placed it in my ear. Do NOT push too much inside or you will damage your ear drum. Use it like a ear plug and you should be good. Goodluck.
Ear plug Comments By: Steve on 2010-09-03
I don't like to put the juice directly in my ear either. What I like to do is chop up really finely a small piece of garlic. I roll it up in a portion of a paper towel and form it to the size of an earplug. I let it rest in my ear
In pain Comments By: Katie on 2011-04-18
I was silly and put minced garlic juice in my ear like a few drops and it burns like crazy and i feel that I can't hear at clearly as I do with the left ear? I hope I didn't damage my ear!

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