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Onions for ear ache

Onions are great for an earache, just slice it in half and put it over the ear hole. Leave it there for a half an hour at a time or till the pain subsides.

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Thank you so much!!! Comments By: Lori on 2004-08-18
This worked!! Thank you so much!! Will pass it down to friends and family..
Did not work Comments By: anon on 2004-11-11
This did not work! I left it on for half an hour - no change.
wow Comments By: tam on 2006-06-28
my son couldnt go to bed intill 2am becaz of a ear ache then was back up at 4am cryin again i tried many thing and it didnt work and i hated seeing him in pain well i found this site and about 7 am i tried the onion and within 10 mins beleive it or not he was yawnin ready to fall asleep couldnt beleive how good and fast it worked
unbelievable Comments By: Tash on 2006-11-19
can't believe it actually works. Had splitting pain but after 5 minutes of applying onion ear felt all warm inside and pain was gone. Excellent tip!!
add on Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-11
My mom used to heat up the onion, wrap it in a teacloth and then she would have me lean on it like an ear muff and my earaches were almost always caused by wax buildup pushing against my ear and the onion made the pain go away and pulled the wax out. Hope this helps because it worked for me!
Didnt work Comments By: Diana on 2007-10-15
I put this on my ear for over 30 min and it still hurt and still couldnt hear as much out of it. I may be a good idea tho.
waiting Comments By: Ramona on 2007-12-08
been up for almost 2 hours with my grand daughter with bad ear ache, i found this site and tried the onion cure, its been about 15 min and shes quiet, hoping it stays that way, thanks.
i think its working!!!!!! Comments By: michelle heberling on 2008-01-06
my boyfriend has been awake all night with this killer earache, hes had it for days but was never nothing real bad untill last nite, well at 8 this morning i found this and i gave it too him and put him next to a space heater and hes sleeping like a baby..hell if its working i give it a 5
Mediaeval piffle! Comments By: Niki on 2008-01-11
This may work for mild earache course by wax build up by losening it, but for earache caused by infection - It does nothing and just delays seeking appopriate medical attention.
waist of time!!!! Comments By: booooo!!!!!!!!! on 2008-07-16
ive had a really bad ear ache for 2 days now, it was that bad i only had 1 hour sleep, tried the onion thing soothed it for a minute and made my ear stink of onions!!!!!! waist of time!!!
Worked Comments By: Onion User on 2009-03-25
It worked. Thanks.
worked within minutes on my 17 yr old daughter Comments By: Ken on 2009-06-23
Yes it does seem a little strange, but it works... Sorry about that FDA and big Drug companies...
Warm onion Comments By: KG on 2009-11-12
It works better when you heat the onion in warm water first...
THIS WAS BRILLIANT Comments By: Hannah on 2010-03-29
This was great! Had such a splitting earache but this really done the job :) thanks a million!
STOP IMMEDIETLY CAUSES DEAFNESS Comments By: Dr.Ears on 2010-05-06
never ever ever stick any kind of "onion, garlic,lemon,etc juice" down your ear. This can cause someone to go deaf and or partial hearing loss. this main cause of most ear aches is fluid behind the ear drum inside your Eustachian tubes. anything you stick inside your ear canal may help at first but it doesnt drain those fluids. take a warm towel and lay on that allowing th efluid to drain naturally. if pain persists seek a doctor or use tylenol.
GREAT!!! Comments By: Steven on 2010-11-27
Yes, ive had an earache for about a week now. I boiled an onion, squeezed the juice in my ear and it worked in less than 20 mins. GREAT!!!!
read properly Comments By: anon on 2011-02-19
they never said put the onion in your ear, just lay on it, or have it near your ear....

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