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Stuck fingers try WD-40

I do custom framing. I once spilled glue, similar to Crazy Glue while gluing a plastic frame together. I was unaware that the glue had run between my fingers and had adhered my fingers together and my hand to the frame as well. Called Poison Control, pharmacies and no one could help. I tried all types of solvent removers and nothing worked. Finally, as a last resort, before going to the hospital, I sprayed my hand with WD-40 and it caused the glue to almost crystalize. It worked, I was able to remove the piece of moulding from my hand and eventually worked my fingers loose. It took some time and some residual glue remained and had to wear off, but it was amazing how it worked!

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awesome stuff Comments By: cass on 2005-12-05
I was starting to panic. my fingers were fully glued together - and it was getting painful. I tried soaking in water and nail varnish remover. This tip worked in seconds.Amazing.
didn't work on instant krazy glue Comments By: SanD on 2007-04-25
WD40 did not work for me. I accidentally glued my index and thumb together and the only thing that worked was acetone nail polish remover.
Finally a solution for my mom!!! Comments By: euphrasy on 2007-10-02
First my mom tried nail polish, then WD-40, then warm soapy water and rubbed her fingers under the water. It appears that the combination of the three freed my mom up until next time :)
WD-40 Works Comments By: FWB on 2011-04-28
I accidentally glued my middle and index fingers together and when acetone didn't work, called the super glue help line on the back of the bottle. I was told to soak my fingers in warm, soapy water for about 30 minutes. While it helped, it didn't release my fingers. I discovered the use of WD-40 after my wife suggested I google the problem. Sure enough, after being stuck together for over two hours the WD-40 crystalized the glue and my fingers were freed within minutes of the application. Great suggestion!

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