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Calamine lotion for acne

Submitted by Val

Use regular calamine lotion from any drug store. It contains zinc oxide for the drying of the blemish and calamine to heal redness.

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i've always thought this.. Comments By: ... on 2005-07-18
i cant say for SURE it works, but i was also thinking it would work, because you use it on poison ivy and such, so it must get rid of redness and bacterias..and also heals faster...good idea!!!
helps Comments By: none on 2005-08-02
this is a cheap and good way to help heal a zit. And actually my mom used to own a doctor's book of home remedies, which advised using calamine lotion for helping heal a pimple, just use a q-tip and dab some calamine on the zit and leave it overnight.
It really works Comments By: Anon on 2005-10-20
I have tried this and it really works. After a couple nights the pimple is practically gone.
makes sense Comments By: Christin on 2007-08-20
Yea good idea, total common sense, I actually almost bought some the other day for my zits-without even knowing of this tip! now im def going to get some. good luck ladies!!
wow Comments By: anon on 2009-07-28
wow... ive used proactiv, skin id, clearasil, clean and clear, neutrogena, acne free, oxy, stride, st. ives, and nothings worked. i used calamine lotion and it really worked. what else works is vapor rub and arm and hammer toothpaste!
right before bed.. Comments By: liz on 2009-09-07
i'm going to bed for the first day of school, and well, i got a zit, i hope this works!!!
calamine lotion for acne Comments By: Anon09 on 2009-12-02
I have been using calamine lotion for my acne breakouts and have had pretty good luck with it in the past....more pros than cons it seems. It seems to be good because it has zinc oxide in it, and is good for anti-itch and helps reduce redness. The only con or downside might be if you get it to dry or flaky it might cause some reblemishes, of course make sure your face is clean and wash with a mild light soap....but overall for the most part it is pretty good. It also tends to be less harsh than alot of the other otc treatments out there on the market today.
calamine lotion and hydrocortisone Comments By: amy on 2010-08-24
im trying calamine lotion at the moment and i'll tell you the result after a couple of days. but hey i used to try hydrocortisone too..and it really does work. it only take like 3 days to heal your acne. good luck!!

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