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Hot shower for migaine

You can also get relief from migraines by taking a hot shower. Whilst in the shower put your head, or at least the back of your neck, under the running water. This helps to expand the blood vessels that are constricting and let more blood flow.

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great Comments By: anon on 2005-11-02
I've had migraines since 19 and I always end up taking a hot shower and it really relieves the tension of the migraine. Plus after you shower you sleep very comfortable..
Migraine Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-22
I would have thought that a hot shower would make a migraine worse, I always go for the ice bag and cold breeze. Any sort of heat makes the nausea worse.
Migraine Relief from Hot Shower Comments By: Anon on 2007-10-14
Agreed, the hot shower with water focused on the back of my neck and head coupled with taking a few Advil seem to help me when an attack occurs.
cures my worst migrane in five mintues. Comments By: Lot on 2008-10-24
THis works everytime for me, though it might vary with the specfic syptoms of your headache. I get pain across the eyes and forehead and find light intolerable. No nausea like the person above. It's absolutly worth a go if you've never tried it though, it makes even my worst migrane dissapear in 5 minutes
Heat makes it worse for me Comments By: Migraine sufferer on 2009-04-11
I'd like to hear from someone who has nausea, goes to the emergency room and has to take injections to get relief. Six Advils would do nothing for my pain.
Yes works amazingly Comments By: Nathan on 2009-05-10
To those who say "My pain is so bad I have to go the emergency room" I say you probably have a very low pain tolerance level and yes I get the nausea and the whole nine yards. For me the reason a VERY VERY VERY HOT even to the point of scolding hot showers work is because it is soo painful it almost drowns out any other possible pain. My mother is one that has had migraines all her life and cant handle the pain and she is now hooked on all kinds of meds for migraines and others for the side effects of those migraine pills as in sleep meds, heart meds, and many others. An actually hot shower will not only help the pain but clear the mind almost like a good hour of mediation which will defiantly help you sleep much much better.
I agree! Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-04
I have suffered migraines since childhood. And Hot water shower does ease and relieve the pain. Plus you will sleep well.
will it ever end Comments By: sean on 2010-03-06
nothing cures migraine only time, relax forget everything and eventualy it goes. everybody has a different way to relax no two people are the same, they tell you its in your head what they realy mean is "we have no idea"
Hot showers give me migraines! Comments By: Lucy on 2010-07-26
I realise everyone's different but a main trigger for my migraines is a hot shower so this definitely doesn't work for me! I usually get some warning signs such as nausea, getting dizzy etc. which means if I'm quick enough to put my head under some cold water, I can sometimes avoid it. This doesn't work once the aura stage has started. Unfortunately though my shower's temperature can't be controlled and it just keeps getting hotter. :( I've learnt to take quick showers.
After the aura and shaking, nauseous stage, a cold shower is the best for me as by then I'm boiling hot and have sweated loads - pleasant image I know! ;P
As for relieving migraine symptoms, I've found nothing that works.

Hot showers don't cure them but helps Comments By: Sheri on 2010-08-27
I get Migraines every couple months. I can always feel them coming and if I take meds early enough it helps but... often I don't so when they are intense I take a supr hot shower. I often throw up before or after but I find that the shower helps me relax while the medication kicks in. My Migraines last usually 2-6 hours. I find that lying down often makes it throb more, accupressure can help (not heal) and keeping my head in a certain position helps (different position depending on the location of the ache).
insight to severe migraine pain Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-13
i saw the comment about people who go to the e.r. for migraines have a LOW pain tolerence. i just had to respond to this. i have suffered from migraines since 14. im now 18 and have yet to find something that actually helps me get rid of the pain. and i have very high tolerance for pain. ive broken a foot and walked on it for a week because nobody believed it was possible to walk on it because of how unbearable the pain is. so saying that i went to the e.r. once for the pain they gave me morphine and they tried other things nothing helped they sent me home with percocet and all it did was make me loopy. i've seriously tried everything and found time is about all that helps for me. i went to a nerologist because no one coukd figure it out. and they told me "nothing is wrong with you, you just get migraines.." thanks doc i already new that. just putting that out there. i'm sympathetic to everyone who suffers from migraines but everyone is different and somethings that may help with some people wont help for everyone.
I've had migraines since I was 12 Comments By: Harry on 2011-02-22
I've had migraines since I was 12 and NOTHING from the doctors would ever help (and would sometimes make it worse...). The only thing that would help is a nice hot shower in the dark and some sleep. I get severe pain and nausea that lasts 6-12 hours and have almost gone to the hospital the pain has been so bad. When I was 18 I finally found something that helped (I know it might be a bit taboo but...) when I went to college, and thats marijuana. It does wonders for the nausea and cuts the pain in half. I'm 21 now and have a MMJ card. I also recently discovered most of my migraines are food related and have successfully prevented them for the most part the past 2 months.
Works wonders! Comments By: matty on 2011-03-06
I get "minor" migraines weekly and get "major" migraines to the point of nausea about once every 6 months. OTC medicine has no effect (advil, tylonol, aleve, etc). In either case, a nice LONG HOT shower (45+ minutes) either cures or makes them hardly noticeable. As soon as the water hits my head, I can feel them going away.

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