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Limes to help with headaches

To help with headaches, rub big pieces of lime on your forehead and around your neck, works!

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it does work Comments By: monique bergman on 2004-08-27
That really worked fast thank you very much !!!

I have one question though...should i wipe the lime off afterward or is i good for the skin???

TipKing Says: It all depends on your skin type. Some people will say it is bad others will say it is good. Just a trial and error thing really.

this is absolutley great !!!!! Comments By: veronica on 2005-04-12
it took about 10 minutes and it worked oh so welll!!!!
Lime fantasic Comments By: Arthur Dent on 2009-10-10
Was't sure so added some lemon and sprigg of mint then made a wish...9 hours later migraine gone and I smell like a tea bag. Really works...my last migraine went in 6 hours though?!

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