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Mosquitoes. Mosquito bites get some relief with rubbing alcohol

Dab rubbing alcohol on bite as soon as possible and bites disappear like magic.

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HOLLA! Comments By: Miss Marie on 2006-07-26
Omg!!! finally something....i was sooo itchy and this worked rite away!! thank u!!!!!!
DON'T WORK Comments By: acorn on 2006-09-05
I have been doing this all day-I am peppered with bites on my ankles and it is not working at all.
This tip definitely works!!!!! Comments By: Holly on 2007-06-13
I had a zillion bites all over my legs and arms and I used some alcohol and it gave me instant relief!!!!!I recommend this for sure..:=)
alcohol Comments By: denise on 2009-06-12
omg just come down from bed 2.00 am re itching bathed ankles in whisky and its soothing already thankyou

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