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Mosquitoes. Mosquito bites get some relief with heat

There is another sure fire way to instantly stop the itching. As soon as itching starts dampen and fold several times a washcloth. Place it in the microwave as it is quicker or find some other way to heat it. (Tap water is usually not hot enough).

The temperature should be hot but not enough to scald the skin and tolerable. Place the hot washcloth directly over the bite. The person will begin to feel a sharp, burning, and stinging pain exactly where the bite occurred. Keep the washcloth over the bite for about one minute while tolerating the pain.

The mosquito saliva contains protein left inside the bite and the hot temperature neutralizes the protein which causes the sharp pain. After removing the washcloth, there will be no itching sensation. It works each time.

Visitors comments

Tried it. Comments By: Laurel on 2004-08-23
This seems to have worked, although I would suggest only heating the cloth for about 45 seconds, depending on the wattage of your microwave.
i felt no pain... Comments By: Lu Lu on 2004-08-24
I didn't feel a thing when the wash cloth was on my bite.

It didn't really itch b4, so that may be the reason..

It helps! Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-31
This DID help. I felt the stinging pain as described...but it certainly helped to relieve the itching. Found the relief can last for a couple of hours. Thanks.
Thanks Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-11
Decreased the itching quite a bit.
Seemed to help here too Comments By: bitten again on 2004-09-19
I was bitten this morning and tried the warm washcloth right away. It itched and was becoming swolen but the cloth seemed to help with both. Try it out, its worth a shot!
Turn Up The Heat On Itching Bites! Comments By: James on 2004-10-14
Placing the hot washcloth (heated for 30 seconds in my microwave) on my bite gave me much needed relief from the annoying itchiness! Thanks!
amazed Comments By: Brock on 2005-03-18
I didnt think this would work but I gave it a try because, hey its free. When I put the hot towel on the bite, it was a bit painful but tolerable.

Only around the bite hurt though, so I knew it was doing something.Immediately after I was itch free!

At Last!! Comments By: Gemma on 2005-03-28
I put up with a lot of itching with no relief from any creams so I tried this and it worked to my amazement! I'm just waiting now to see how long it lasts before I have to do it again.
It Works! Comments By: 'Von on 2005-09-24
I get very bad reactions from bites. I swell quite a bit and itch is terrible.
Heat works! Stopped itching for several hours and bought down swelling to half it's size.

Try it Comments By: nola girl on 2006-05-23
Only thing I've used that actually works! Good-bye Caladryl!
Uh uh..!!! Comments By: BooButt on 2006-06-22
this aint work 1 bit!!!!
It helps... Comments By: Anon on 2006-06-28
I have almost 20 mosquito bites, and I was going insane over the itching. This has helped a lot. I still feel some minor itching, but it's nothing like before I tried it.
Since I had so many, I had to keep warming up the washcloth again and again. First, I did 30 seconds. It was still a little warm after applying it to 3 or 4 bites, so then I just put it in for 15 seconds every time after that.
It works. :)

it works! Comments By: 'Anon' on 2006-07-16
I just got back from a camping trip and my feet got bitten about 30 or 40 times. The itching is driving me crazy and the creams havn't worked. Heat is the first thing that really soothed the itch. thankyou!
Thank You Comments By: Lance on 2006-07-25
I work nights and have not been able to sleep. This is the only thing that works! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
No Itching!! A miracle, thank you tipking :) Comments By: Crouchie on 2007-04-15
I had this mother of all bites on my big toe (what kind of evil mosquito heads for your big toe??) and it was itching like crazy and quite swollen plus I had scratched it in my sleep so it was looking really rough. I tried this tip last night and it worked! I felt the strange sting in the middle and the itching stayed away until I got up this morning and I did it again. Several hours later, still no itching and the swelling is going down. Whoever added this tip, you are my hero!!
Works a treat!! Comments By: karen on 2007-08-02
Got 5 gigantic bites yesteday afternoon.....tried the usual piriton etc. This tip definitely works. I'm amazed!
Heat really does help! Comments By: veronique` on 2007-08-02
Great tip,thank you!Those nasty mosquitos
bites have finally stopped itching and swelling gone down!How was this discovered?God bless whoever it was that found out heat helps!

It's helped me!!! Comments By: Shona on 2007-08-13
Relief at last after vinegar, teatree, antisan cream and piriton..... the microwaved hot cloth burnt like... *yowssza* but I feel no itch!!! Aahhhhhhhh
Thank you!

It does work!! Comments By: Lou on 2007-08-26
Ah relief at last. It hurts but worth it!
At Last Comments By: Anon on 2007-09-30
5 bites on 1 arm itching like mad. Tried creams no good. Tried the hot cloth have been itch free for over 4 hours now. Fantastic tip
Blast with heat Comments By: anon on 2008-02-08
Any form of heat on mossie bites WORKS. I react badly with blisters and sleepless nights.Try heat pack, hot flannel, hot water bottle. The pain is intense whilst the heat is applied but you will have hours of no itching afterwards. ABSOLUTE BLISS and the bite heals faster
Seems to be working for me Comments By: Chris Scutcher on 2008-05-09
Never really been bothered by bites before but been eaten alive in the last week. Bloody things have been driving me nuts. Just tried this tip and it seems to be working. Woo
superb!!! Comments By: t. on 2008-05-21
I'm heating my big toe while typing this..seriously this work perfectly!!! I love you!
WOW! Comments By: Lauren on 2008-06-23
Oh my gosh! That really really works. It does kind of sting a lot, but it really does pay off! I used it like 30 minutes ago, and it's still working! Thanks so much!
Blessed Relief! Comments By: Erica on 2008-07-07
Thank you thank you thank you! This is the ONLY thing that has made my bites stop itching! It works just like you said--sharp pain at first, and then the itch just goes away!
Beautiful Comments By: Anon. on 2008-08-16
The hot water really does wonders on mosquito bites!

I found it easier to heat a cup of water and stick a spoon in it for a few seconds, then apply the spoon to the bite. It is the same concept, though.

at last! Comments By: me on 2008-09-06
I am a mosquito magnet! I could bitten in the artic. at last I do not have to suffer the intolerable itch. ty ty ty ty
Outstanding!! Comments By: Sooty Paolucci on 2008-11-06
Don't normally get bitten - but got eaten alive in Italy this week (must be the wine!). No other treatments worked - I now know how you all must feel when you get bitten!! But, YOU Sir/Madam are a genius!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!
shower spray Comments By: tony on 2009-04-08
its the same as the rest but just get the shower as hot as you can bear and direct the spray the affected area . it will feel like the area is going to explode then relief. if it returns and it might just repeat. sleep at last
Alternative Method -Same Principle Comments By: Mike on 2009-05-06
Instead of hot cloth- Make a cup of tea, dip teaspoon in tea then remove and instantly put hot bowl of spoon on bite!(hurts a bit)Has worked for dozens of people I have suggested it to! Instant relief from itching.
Hot teaspoon tip Comments By: JEANETTE on 2009-05-22
I have just tried the hot teaspoon on my one mossy bite and it definitely stops the itching.....BRILLIANT THANK YOU SO MUCH!
DON'T KNOW HOW BUT IT WORKS! Comments By: t on 2009-06-15
I've been in agony after a day of gardening.....in desparation looked on line and came across this site. Just tried the hotcloth (40 secs) in the microwave and IT WORKS...RELIEF AT LAST!


Hurts but works! Comments By: Alex on 2009-06-20
The bites were driving me crazy. I did it with boiling water in a thermos mug (to keep it warm while I did it) and a cloth. I was sceptical before I did it, but presently there is no itch at all.
Yow! Comments By: ab77 on 2009-07-24
You surely know when you've hit the spot! It hurts - but then itching is definitely decreased. I tried the back of the bowl of a teaspoon dipped in a cup of near to boiling water.
Amazing! Comments By: Mel on 2009-08-31
I was bitten on my upper arm 48 hours ago, my bicep is swollen right up, looks like I've been body building. Anti-histamine cream has given no relief. In desperation went on line and found this site. No microwave as I live on a boat so poured hot water from kettle onto cloth. Instant relief! Amazing!!!
you saved me thank you Comments By: Sharron on 2009-09-15
On holiday in Tobago about to get married and I was in agony spent a fortune trying everything and this worked perfectly. Thank you. Sharron
Amazing!! Comments By: Anon on 2009-10-17
The hot water and spoon worked fabulously! I got eaten alive in Egypt and have too many bites to count not to mention the allergic reaction! The itching has finally gone. Thank you!!
Finally I have stopped itching! Comments By: Laura on 2010-08-02
Wow, whoever found this out needs to be given a medal - I've got 5 HUGE bites on my leg that have been driving me mad. I tried creams, tablets.. just about everything and nothing worked - Until I found out about this. I stood in the shower with the water as hot as possible and kept putting it over the bite areas for a few seconds, the more bareable it got the longer I left the water on the bites. To my amazement it has worked wonders and I am not scratching any more - Thank you so so much for sharing this, pure relief!!
oh wow Comments By: Shirl on 2010-08-05
Mosi got me 3 days ago. I am allergic to stings and bites so been in a bit of a mess with it. luckily through medical attention (even hospital treatment) everything seams fine now. but for the itching. OMG ive never itched so bad and so much ever. tried this. and wow. im in heaven. heat is defo the answerer. didnt think it would work but wow it did. ill remember this in future thanks for posting it
WOW Comments By: RiRi Kay on 2011-06-19
I had tried EVERYTHING for the huge monster on my foot. Heck, I made a tourniquet for it!!! When I first tried this I stopped because I thought I was burning my foot. Stupid me, I hadn't read the whole thing. When I tried it again, MIRACLE! But dont use a washcloth and hot water, it cools too quickly. Try a bowl w boiling water in it!

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