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Handyman and DIY Cleaning permanent marker off car paint

Submitted by Justin

Using hairspray works like a charm. Marker rubs right off.

Visitors comments

What kind of Hairspray? Comments By: Car Got Vandalized on 2005-07-24
Hi... my car which is black in color had been vandalized with black marker fortunately in a very small area in the form of an "A." I tried using hairspray but it didn't work at all... is there a particular type of hairspray... or a particular way to do it?
Not coming off? Comments By: Krystal on 2009-05-25
@vandalized: Anything alcohol-based seems to take permanent marker off immediately. Don't know why hairspray wouldn't do the trick.
Use Car Engine Oil Comments By: Brindha on 2009-11-16
I used car engine oil and it worked great!! Absolutly no damage to paint.

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