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Sulfur / Sulphur for ring worm

All you need is a regular piece of paper. Crumple it on a plate or similar and set it on fire. Once it has brunt away blow off all the ashes and you will be left with a yellow substance on the plate. This is burnt Sulfur, wipe this off and apply to the ringworm. You will find that the ringworm becomes a memory within a day.

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Sulfur 8 Comments By: Nurse Wanda on 2006-07-14
Sulfur does work on ringworms as well. Try using Gold Star ointment or Sulfur 8. This is a hair grease but works well. This method of treatment takes about 6 weeks.
Sulfur and babyoil Comments By: mamajette on 2006-08-09
You can make a paste out of sulfur and babyoil and apply that daily for about a week. To make sure that you no longer have any ringworm take a black light and shine it everywhere. If you see green glowing that is ringworm. You can treat pets and kids and adults too.

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