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Antiperspirant deodorant for smelly feet

Another way to combat foot odours is to spray your feet with antiperspirant deodorant. This will cut down on the sweating that causes the smell

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Unscented! Comments By: Angela on 2007-03-21
Be sure that if you try this, that you use unscented antiperspirant. I tried it with my son and the scented spray combines with foot odour to create an even more nauseating stench! (Also he did note that it made his feet feel a bit slippery in his shoes.)
Natural Treatment Comments By: Charlotte on 2010-09-11
I personally avoid chemical products. There are a lot of good alternative treatments against foot problems. For example tee oil, creams etc. But cedarsoles (eg: zederna.com, furwa etc.) guarantee probably the best remedy against athlete's foot, foot odor and sweaty feet.
recommended deodorant Comments By: Sarah on 2011-02-21
I agree not to use normal dcented deodorant but instead use an aloe vera block type. The Aloe means it hardly smells and kills the bacteria. Also don't use it on other parts of the body incase an infection is spread around.
I use it and buy it here http://alturl.com/utwrg
but I'm sure you can get it elsewhere.


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