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Salt gargle for sore throats

Put some warm water in a glass and mix with some salt. Put in your mouth and gargle and spit out! Don't swallow!!! This should get rid of the soreness of your sore throat!

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salt water gargle NEVER worked for me Comments By: Laura on 2006-12-14
I'm 30 years old. I've had sore throats my whole life. As a little kid my throat was always sore and more often that not my tonsils were swollen to the point of touching in the middle. I've gotten strep throat quite a few times as well and that is the most painful thing I've ever experienced AND I've given birth twice! So during all these years the salt water gargle has been the remedy of choice from everyone with advice from doctors to pharmacists to anyone else and I've found that it has NEVER EVER worked for me. It makes my throat more irritated and makes my mucas thicker making it even harder to swallow and it makes me even more thirsty, which is bad because I can't even swallow in the 1st place! BUT the fact that it irritates my throat is why I can't understand why anyone would think it is a good thing to do. Nonetheless I've got strep now even as I type and I just did try the salt water gargle for some reason (desperation maybe?).
magic trick Comments By: hameed on 2007-07-26
always did the trick, sometimes you have to do for couple of days, but the difference is noticeable in a day.
WOW Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-27
It's Good It Doesnt Completely Take it Away But It nums Most of it and its fun gargling :D
All Good here Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-27
My girlfreind has had a sore throat for a day or two and was starting to drag her down. I found this site and tried this remide itt definatly has helped it soothed her throat and she is currently getting down to some sleep, Thanks for this.
YUK! Comments By: Yowie 29 on 2008-11-20
Not very pleasant, made me want to vomit. Mind you took my mind off my throat for a minute.
99.9% worked Comments By: Tony on 2009-05-07
I'm a doctor and I say it's worked. When my patients come to me with sore throat, the first thing I recommend is Salt Gargle. I avoid giving them pills because pills are never good. Bacteria in your throat cannot "live and expand" in salty environment. I recommend that you should gargling your throat at least 2 times a day (morning and before bed). Your sore throat will disappear in no more than 4 days.
gargle salt Comments By: ranjani on 2009-05-06
im having sore throat it helps
Why did I try that??? Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-08
Where to start? I don't know which was worse, gargling the salt water or realising that it had made absolutely no difference! maybe it only works with some people? I won't be trying it again any time soon!
hmm helps a bit... Comments By: ally on 2009-05-18
i have a feeling this is temporary relief, kind of makes you mouth sting which i think is whats taking my mind off my throat. My sore bit feels a lot lower down so gargling might not cover it. Defo worth a try though
Gargle early Comments By: Melissa on 2010-09-24
I too agree with the salt gargle. You need to gargle twice a day and start at the early onset of the sore throat, waiting until you have a full blown sore throat unable to swallow and then gargling is a bit silly. I find it helps loosen and enables you to bring up the mucus. Of course rest is recommended as well.
made me feel sick! Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-23
i recently gargled with salt water ( like, 1 minute ago) and it made me feel like throwing up. it has worked before for me, but not this time. i still feel sick to my stomach, although i didnt swallow any of it. and i find it hard to tip my head back to gargle because my throat hurts so much.
Just a half teaspoon salt! Comments By: Steppenwulf on 2010-11-08
When I was first told about this, I made the salt strong, like sea water. I found it made me want to gag, and my throat felt worse.

Then I read to use just a bit of salt - 1/2 teaspoon. It is amazing. The key is don't overdo the salt!

salt gargle Comments By: sancho on 2010-11-12
I remember this, when we were younger. It does work and you do get the feeling your going to gag. But its a cheaper alternative to taking cough or sore throat sweets.
Best medicine for a sore throat! Comments By: Lynnie on 2011-01-17
I had a really bad sore throat for the past 1 and a half and was waiting to buy Manuka Honey throat syrup. To my bad luck they stopped ordering them, so I tried my usual salt gargle, and walla, in a day the pain disappeared. So far so good now :)
P.S Try it with rock salt, its far more effective!

It does work...not obvious to the skeptic! Comments By: Amos on 2011-03-17
this does work, however the effects are subtle to the full blown sore throat such as mine, and the effect of gargling salt is not as big when the sore throat is advance like this, I did mine literally 2 minutes ago and I can feel the subtle effects but hopefully after two days it will feel better!

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