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Using a needle to remove a splinter

Some splinters can get very deep and the only real course of action is to use a needle. Before using a needle you should sterilize it. The simplest way to sterilize a needle is to hold lit over an open flame for a second. A match of candle will do.

It can be difficult to hold a sewing needle stable while trying to remove a splinter. To give yourself something easier to hold onto, push the blunt end of the needle into a cork from a bottle of wine until it is very secure. Now you can hold the needle with a sort of handle, making manipulations much easier. Moreover, this needle is a lot easier to store on a shelf in the bathroom, without it getting lost, falling on the carpet.

Using a safety pin can be better as it is also easier to hold.

Visitors comments

R u mad? Comments By: anon on 2005-05-24
That is PAINFUL! And you didn't explain how to actually remove the splinter either.
Please help Comments By: Dean Faulkner on 2006-02-15
look i am 16 years old and right this second on this day the 15th february 2006 i have a splinter on the thumb on the part where u can bend your thumb over 3 class mates and a teacher try to squeasse it out notihng can get it out but the one thing it hurts me really bad even when trying to squesse it havent even got to cutting my skin yet :{ please type back dont think oh this post was last week this man will never come back to read i am saving this to my favourites and i will check it every day thanks for your help!
Wine - what a good idea Comments By: Pete on 2007-01-28
Ideally, drink the bottle of wine before using the cork on the needle, this will help lessen the pain.
drinking wine at 16?? Comments By: cristinella on 2007-12-11
he is 16 years old, why would he be drinking wine?
Splinter removal Comments By: Marie on 2009-12-07
Use the needle to open the area a bit more. Shouldn't take much. gently squeeze so you're pushing the splinter back up where it came from, if it's not near the opening. Pull the end of the splinter gently and steadily with the tweezers. If it doesn't all come out, go to CVS or the like and get Ichthamol Ointment (aka: drawing salve) it's black ointment, that has an industrial oil type of odor, put a dab on the splinter and cover with a bandaid. Check it out the next day. Repeat until you get the splinter out. Great for areas that are a bit red with an infection that's a bit more than simply topical.

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