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Rub gold on a sty, sties

A traditional home remedy to deal with sties is to rub the sty with a piece of gold. A ring or similar. Apparently it works well.

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18K GOLD ONLY Comments By: Chey on 2004-08-22
Apparently it only works well if the jewellery is 18k or higher.
This is so amazing Comments By: Kiwi on 2006-03-08
I had a stye which was quite uncomfortable, even when blinking. It had developed a pimple like head so I thought it was well past the gold ring stage. I always thought it was an 'old wives tale' but I rubbed it with a gold ring (admittedly it was 18 carat) and the next day it had gone right down and I virtually couldn't see it at all. I repeated this a few times during the day and the next day it was almost like I had never had a stye. I thoroughly recommend this...I was blown away!
try it, it cant do any harm Comments By: Dan on 2007-06-14
My (medically trained) mother has always used a 18k gold ring to rid us of styes, if you feel any discomfort around the eye before you know its a stye, rub the area thoroughly, and it will never even appear.
14KT gold seems to work Comments By: ejpike on 2007-07-01
My mother always had me rub her 14KT white gold wedding ring on my eyelid if I complained of any discomfort that indicated the possible beginnings of a sty, and the symptoms always went away.
Silver Comments By: Rianna on 2007-09-03
I was always told it had to be a silver ring and wash it then rub on the sty for 15 minutes a couple times then it's gone in a day or two.
seems to work Comments By: Marc on 2007-09-18
count my daughter a believer, I'm closer to believing
Moose says it works Comments By: Non-believer on 2007-10-16
My co-worker Moose proclaims the powers of the gold ring. I'm giving it a go, if this witchcraft is true I owe him a beer.
my brother says it sucks Comments By: greir barrieau on 2008-02-01
my brother has tried this and it does absolutly nothing.
If done correctly it works Comments By: jeffrey on 2008-02-22
It already hurts so you have nothing to lose. A heavy solid gold ring such as a mans wedding ring is best as long as it is gold. pull the lid up and pass the round part of the ring over the protrusion [stie] a few times,it will feel wierd. repete this a few times and use the warm compress to relieve the irritation from the stie.It doesen't take very long till its gone
Never fails Comments By: Bec on 2008-06-11
My mother has always given us this method not only does it relieve symptoms when u are rubbing a gold ring on their but the pain does not last more than 2 days if you continue to rub a gold ring on there
GOLD WORKS, IT'S GONE!!!! Comments By: Sameyya L. Stone on 2008-07-28
I couldn't believe it when I woke up and this huge, painful, protrusion was leveled.......
The first day, my eye was just itchy and irritated. the second day, I woke up and my eylid was huge and very sore so I went on line to seek advice. I found the "18K Gold" remedy and decided to give it a try, (I already had it, so what was there to loose). I washed my eye, did the recommended compresses and got an old gold earing(honestly I don't know the Karat) that was missing it's match (I guess I planned to scrap the useless solitary earing one day, but it seems that I've found a use for it after all!) washed it, and rubbed it on my eye several times. I went to bed, and the next morning the thing was literally gone! Thanks for the advise!!!

sham Comments By: kevin bacon on 2008-09-08
There's no evidence that gold reacts with the bacteria that cause a stye. The bacteria are called 'golden staph', which could be where the idea came from.

The styes are just curing naturally. You could rub a sea cucumber on your eye and get the same miraculous effect.

My eye no longer is in pain :) Comments By: Josh liversidge on 2008-09-24
We used my mums wedding ring. Admittedly it was only a plastic one however the next day i woke up and the sty had gone. Its a miracle, i can't believe it, im amazed!!
Oh it works, don't know how. Comments By: Melony on 2008-10-05
the first thing my mom did when she was mines was take of her wedding ring and rub it on my eyelid. she did it twice more and it was gone.
it works but i dont know how Comments By: Melony on 2008-10-05
the first thing my mom did when she saw mines was take off her wedding ring and rubbed it on my eyelid. the swelling started to go down after.
girls or guys ring?? Comments By: Clare on 2008-10-22
Which works best?? My friend is desperate and we wish to rid it as soon as poss as she has a date tomorrow...
It works..... Comments By: Elaine G. on 2008-11-22
I had my son rub my gold wedding ring on his sty (after washing it first of course). It didn't make it disappear, but it did make it come to a head overnight and then the pus came out and it healed very quickly. It was no longer painful or tender.He has used the ring three times and it has healed quickly all three times
Heat & Gold band Comments By: Just try it on 2008-11-29
This does work. I took a mans wedding ring & rubbed it on my jeans to generate some heat I took the ring & place it my daugthers friends eye. The sty popped in about 30 seconds. She had the sty for about three weeks prior to me do this & it was big.
Heat Comments By: annahitch on 2008-12-21
Hmm.. then maybe it's the heat and not the gold that does the trick. Nevertheless, I'm going to try it. I have just the beginnings of a stye on my upper eyelid, I'll let you know how it goes. Just how long are you supposed to rub the eye each time?
Gold or sea cucumber ? Comments By: Bibblybobbly on 2009-02-12
Couldnt find a gold band anywhere and my sty was really irritating , read the thread above and thought id try the sea cucumber option. It was amazing , although a bit big - I found myself blind for a while - it worked a treat . The sea cucumber was not harmed during this and has returned to his normal life . As for the sty - amazing its gone !
NO WAY! Comments By: john andrews on 2009-03-09
I TRIED THE SEA CUCUMBER AND IT WORKED! next day it was gone.. man your a genious. screw the gold, throw cucumbers on there!
Penny Comments By: Ralphy on 2009-03-21
I heard you can also use a penny
WOW!! IT WORKS!!!! Comments By: Caleb Walker on 2009-04-02
I rubbed a TI-83 Calculator on mine and went away over night!! Imagine that...
A Penny works too! Comments By: Alex on 2009-04-07
I rubbed my Penny on it and it was gone next day. Penny didn't mind at all either!
Unicorns and Rainbows Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-05
If the gold ring doesn't work you can also try rubbing the horn of a unicorn against your sty. If that doesn't work then as a last resort you must catch and swallow a rainbow.

GOLD RINGS DON'T WORK ON STYS. A sty is a bacterial infection, not a thing to shine your gold rings on!

load of rubbish Comments By: jess on 2009-05-05
surely its just the pressure that makes it disappear and not what you put on it????
warmth and pressure seems to be doing the trick for you all

Gold ring doesn't work Comments By: anon on 2009-05-26
I tried the gold ring tip and the next morning my whole eye was extremely swollen and hurt really badly! I say just use the heat compresses and it will go away. There is no miracle cure.
Logically . . . Comments By: logic. on 2009-07-21
So, here's the deal:

A massage, warmth, and time can help heal a sty. A 'gold' ring is something small and smooth that's easy to rub over your eye at any given time, plus it's usually something that's easy to find in any given household. The only thing that might be good about it being gold in particular is so that the ring doesn't get messed up. Gold keeps well. Plus, a little mind manipulation could go a long way. Anyway, if you want to prove or disprove it, go find two people with about the same sty infection and rub one with a ring and leave the other alone, then you'll have your answer.

silver and gold Comments By: perry on 2009-08-14
there could be something to the gold being bacteriostatic.Years ago I sold water filters that were lined with silver. the silver had enough of an electrical charge on its own to neutralize the bacteria that came into contact, gold is the best conductor,and you put out a charge as well, maybe it is static
Causation and corelation Comments By: Andrew on 2009-08-18
Has any one got any scientific studies to show that this works because there is a difference between corelation and causation how can any of you be sure that if you hadn't of rubbed gold on the sty that the sty wouldn't have gone away anyway. It is simply a corelation that you rubbed gold on the sty and a day later it was gone... Would it have gone anyway you don't know causation would have to be proved by some sort of controlled experiment.
Totally Worked!!! Comments By: Katie on 2009-09-03
I had a painful stye and I needed to be able to wear contacts the net day. I figured trying the gold thing couldn't hurt so I took the only gold ring I had (probably not 18k) and rubbed it. Almost immediately it decreased in size by half. I repeated a few more times over the next 3 hours along with a warm compress or two and by then, although it was still there it was hardly visible and did not hurt at all. This is a great tip and it doesn't hurt to try it! Also try warm compresses they really help especially if it is hurting!
Surprising...but, this really WORKS!!! Comments By: Carrie on 2009-09-10
To the cynics, who think it's a placebo, mind over matter, the pressure, or just the act of rubbing your eye...I had an extremely painful irritation in two spots on my lower eye lid. I had just transplanted a cactus, and didn't know if it was from the tiny needles or if it was a stye or infection. I was miserable for 3 days...until I saw my mom.
She told me that when I had styes as a baby, my grandmother rubbed her wedding ring on my eye to make them stop hurting and go away. My grandmother has passed, and I WEAR HER WEDDING RING!
That night, I took it off, and rubbed it (lightly) on my eye for about 3-4 minutes. I was NOT A BELIEVER, but was willing to try anything at that point! It was still RED and a little bit tender when I went to bed, but the intense pain was RELIEVED IMMEDIATELY. I was the time I woke up the next morning, it seemed as if I never had a problem in the first place!!!!
Now, cynics, explain a baby, there is no way the placebo/mind over matter theory applied to me, and, this time, I didn't rub hard (BTW, If it was only the rubbing, shouldn't it work when I rub it with anyting?) or apply heat of any kind. I even doubted that it would work....and MY RING WAS DIRTY, LOL.

GOLD - THE TRUTH... Comments By: Scandinavian daughter on 2009-09-23
The facts behind the gold on a stye comes from a molecular level. The reason you get sick is because your body is rundown ever noticed that when you are HAPPY and HEALTHY you could run through excriment and not get ill or get any kind of infection.
We all have certain minerals including metals in our body and if you have a low quantity of any of these it puts your health out of balance. So it goes with the gold - you do contain gold in your body and when you get a stye it is because you are run down your body is lacking the minerals such as GOLD and the staf. infection is able to get in and cause the infection.
By rubbing gold, preferably higher carrat as it is purer you are adding tiny amounts of gold to your body. It also does no harm to wear your gold jewlery more often and eating a balanced diet of soil grown fruit and veg that also contain the trace amounts of gold and other mineral/vitimins that you need.

It really works!!! Comments By: Erin on 2009-10-02
I had a small stie on the inner upper eyelid I tried warm cloth and then a tea soothed for a while but then it became a discomfort again. I then rubbed my fathers gold ring on it, it was gone completely the next day!
Awesome..This works Comments By: Villain on 2009-10-12
unlike a certain post above...i wont be asking you to you Unicorn horn to fix it...Everybody knows there are no unicorns left..
Try A bunyips toenail or a bigfootfingernail to rub on your stie..
Works every time... I personally will offer 10 Quadrillion dollars to anyone that proves it does not work..

the gold being bacteriostatic Comments By: Omar on 2009-11-01
"the gold being bacteriostatic.Years ago I sold water filters that were lined with silver. the silver had enough of an electrical charge on its own to neutralize the bacteria that came into contact, gold is the best conductor,and you put out a charge as well, maybe it is static"

Hey perry,
Everthought that since the gold is such a great conducter that it could actually be conducting the bacteriostatic qualities of the silver in it? ]

GOLD DOES WORK! Comments By: MissusGoldRing on 2010-01-20
It's a Family tradition passed on in my house. When we got a sty, my mom rubber her wedding ring and they dissapeared usually with in a few hours, when asked how it worked, she didn't know the answer, she said that is what her mom did when she was little, and what her grandmother did to her mom when her mom was little. As for my children, I do the same and it works every time. My friend came over and had a sty and I told her to rub a gold ring on it, She asked why, and I couldn't give her an answer either. But she did it, and the sty dissappeared. So yes it really does work. Do I know why.. no. But I am sure any doctor will tell ya it's a myth cause they are losing a buck out of their pocket, by an old wives tale actually working!!!
styes Comments By: Kate on 2010-01-23
I've had the same stye twice in a fortnight. First time put nothing on it , it lasted a week, second time put the gold on it and it's gone the next week. It is not a sham!!
Scientific Reasoning Comments By: Hauk on 2010-01-29
The gold (from a wedding ring) absorbs an acid that the human body puts out and that's the secret to this amazing remedy for sty's. Further, a woman has more of this acid than a man does and that is why you should use a ladies ring. And it really does work. Usually the next day the sty is gone.
Gold Comments By: Lee Riley on 2010-02-27
I tried a Peroni beer bottle on my girlfriend, next day it was still there, PERONI DOESNT WORK :,(
Going to try a Stella bottle tomorrow, watch this space!!

gold?? Comments By: PAULA on 2010-04-05
its the same on door handles years ago the handles to kitchen and tiolet doors were brass because it has antiseptic properties
It works!!!! Comments By: Samantha on 2010-05-28
I have had 2 sties in the same eye within months of each other. When the 2nd came it was so uncomfortable. It was itchy, swollen, red and constantly running water. I suffered through all this for 2 days. I went online to find out what I could do and I found this method. I rubbed my husband's wedding band on it last night and it is gone today. There is no swelling, redness, itching - nothing! It is like it was never even there. I have to admit when I was doing it I thought this is never gonna work, but what do I have to loose? If you have a sty I say get some gold and start rubbing, you will be surprised!!
It's The Salt Comments By: Phoebe87 on 2010-06-09
My mum and gran are convinced that it is the gold ring. I'm trying to convince them that is it absolute rubbish. It's the warm salt water that you rub on the stye before the gold ring that helps it. The gold is an old wives tale along with cows lie down when it's going to rain. That isn't true either. They lie down because they have been standing up for ages.
gold on styes Comments By: Emma Lawless on 2010-06-19
I always rub my eye with gold when a stye appears an it is always gone within hours of doing yeah I believe there is some truth in rubbing gold on a stye to make it go away (my husband was also brought up to believe the same) can't slate all old wives tales as rubbbish!
Gold heals ears, too Comments By: Nan on 2010-07-16
I came online to look this up because a senior citizen told me his grandmother rubbed gold on styes. I think it will work because I've worn gold earrings to heal infected piercings.
It does work! Comments By: Lisa m on 2010-08-28
my mum always rubbed her wedding ring on my eye when I complained of discomfort. It always went away. As an adult I have also always rubbed a gold ring on my eye and the sty always goes away. But my mum did always say it had to be higher than 9 k. Apparently the higher the carrot the better. It's to do with properties in the gold!! Well I've done it all my life and have never had a full blown sty! 18 carrot and higher works brilliantly.
Try this too !! Comments By: lee on 2010-10-02
I tried the gold ring thing which I fully believe works BUT to to be sure I happened to be fiddling around in my television (whilst it was unplugged!) the other day trying to fix it and I noticed that some of the parts had tiny amounts of gold on them.So,why not I thought?Well, there was no way I was going to dismantle the whole circuit board so I put the back on the tv and then carefully picked it up-be careful here mind-I say careful because my tv is a 45 inch plasma screen,I picked the tv up and gently rubbed it across my left eye on the Sty.Sadly, I dropped the tv backwards over my head and it fell to the floor and smashed to bits! The good news is though that my Sty was gone within 15 seconds ! However, the gash in left leg caused by a flying bit of metal from the tv will probably take a month to heal.
Gold is an anti-inflammatory agent - that's how it works! Comments By: advocate of natural healing on 2010-11-20
Gold particles from the ring are left on to the swollen site of the sty after rubbing and this results in reduced inflammation (swelling and itching symptoms). the higher the karat of gold the softer the gold and the gold particles are able to rub off on the inflamed site more easily than lower karat jewelry. That is why gold (cream and injections) is used to treat the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis across the world and works! . I've used this remedy many times to treat an emerging sty and the sty has never fully emerged in all cases. I convinced my skeptic husband to try it as his sty was to a point where he needed to have a surgical intervention to address a blocked duct and he used my ring for 20 minutes and the swelling went down after 3 hours . Gold is used in bone grafting operations, and the preferred recommendation by dentist for crowns and fillings due to its healing properties , non reactive properties and soothing or anti inflammatory effects . It is also used as a muscle relaxant in massages and therapy. Think about it; gold is a naturally occurring substance so why wouldn't it makes sense that it is meant for healing even before it was meant for giving man jewelry . Everything from nature has its purpose so who can believe that natures or God's main purpose for gold was to makes us wear jewelry !! bu the way I am in the field of biochemical and health research and so I am not just advocating for traditional healing anf rejecting science . This is scientifically valid and does make sense. It is just that in todays pharmaceutical environment, we prefer to go to sophisticated medicines and solutions because it makes money for governments and large drug companies (which are among the wealthiest firms in the world !) The irony is that when you look deeper, the companies all use traditional principles of healing in their products. that is many produce have been derived from naturally occurring substances which are the active ingredients within it, but companies describe them with generic or scientific names that look like they were devised in a lab . Natural substance have simply been modified, for delivery to the patients or users in different forms. check it out.
gold works Comments By: I like GOOOOOOLLLD on 2011-03-22
Had a sty on my left eyelid for about 2 weeks. it didn't bother me so i didn't really do anything about it. It was starting to annoy me when i looked at it in the mirror. Rubbed my wedding band on it for a couple of minutes and the sty was gone.
rollerskating puppy Comments By: liam randall on 2011-03-31
tried the gold ring method and what a load of poo that was. however i did see a puppy rollerskaing down the other day. in a desperate attempt to cure my puss leaking stye i rubbed it on my eye. it didnt work either
Gold worked after trying everything else Comments By: Philip on 2011-05-02
My doctor gave me antibiotic drops and cream and told me to rub the sty with a warm potato four times a day and after two weeks he would drain it if it was still there. After 8 days the size of the sty had not changed. I rubbed my gold ring and the next morning it was nearly gone. I'm convinced that gold works.
ow Comments By: jarren on 2011-05-21
will it really works? how to use teabags? ,, also put it to my eye? thanks hope it will work
It worked for me Comments By: Joe K on 2011-07-17
I had a sty coming in the other day and it was painful. I read about the gold cure and did it in the morning and about 3 times total before noon and it worked fast! No bologna, it just worked and I don't care why or how.

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