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Apples and cucumber for indigestion

Eat apples and cucumber with their peel on. The rinds and peel contain mineral salts which help digestion.

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but the unfortunate side effect is.... Comments By: Anon on 2005-06-29
Both apples and cucumbers are known to cause flatulence, which is neither helpful nor fun if one has indigestion to begin with. The skin of cucumbers can also be quite bitter, depending on season.
Bad idea Comments By: Nurse Carrie on 2008-04-24
Never mind the scientific explanation of why it 'doesn't happen' (!) - many people suffer badly from indigestion after eating cucumber or hard apples with or without the skin. Let's major on common sense here and learn from experience - forget high falluting theories - abandon the cucumbers and apples - not to mention bananas - if they don't agree with you.
Diet and Lifestyle Hints & Tips for Helping Digestion Comments By: Harry on 2010-03-09
I've found this article that gives some quick and easy advice on how to look after your stomach so that you have no problems with digesting stuff


It really does make sense when you read it!


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