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Oil of cloves for toothache

You can use oil of cloves. You can get it from most drug stores, chemists, you put a little of the oil on to some cotton wool and dab it onto the area affected. It will numb the pain.

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Damage the nerve of the tooth Comments By: TipKing on 2004-07-16
It has been pointed out to me that prolonged use of Cloves and Oil of Cloves can damage the nerve of a tooth. However I have used it many times, it does take away the pain and that is all that matters for me
oil of cloves Comments By: Bonnie on 2005-12-13
I would like to know why oil of cloves works to stop toothache pain. What is the pain relieving ingredient?

TipKing says: Don't know. It does work though

oil of cloves Comments By: georgia on 2007-11-20
i did work for me a bit but it tasted so horrible i had to wash my mouth out and then my lip went very tingly and painfull.why?

TipKing Says: Oil of cloves is a very strong product, it will have been numbing the area. That is the tingling that you felt.

Perfect 4 pain relief Comments By: Princess on 2008-10-22
I have never had toothache before, first time in 26 years, OMG....Painful Painful Painful, I took anadin pain killer dat dint relief the pain...went on the net and type toothache....sum1 recommended clove oit...i rushed to asda i jsut wanted sumthing 2 relief the pain..saw d pharmacist and she gave me clove oit......i used it instantly in asda...drove back home, brush and was my mouth with lukewarm water with salt......then reapply the clove oil...the pain went down immediately...am sorry 2 bore every1 wih my tooth ache pain....i almoset went nuts..cos it affected my whole face..

Clove oil works.....i wonder wat d ingredient is.......am off 2morrow 2 see my dentist..

Clove Oil Comments By: Max on 2009-01-16
I have just had a "dry socket" after having a wisdom tooth removed and suffered for nearly 5 days with excrutiating pain, however after receiving treatment for this from my dentist, which only worked temporarily, I went on line and searched the web for a remedy........Clove oil kept popping up.....and my god does it work!!!!! the paine was reduced from being off the rictor scal to about 2 within the first 10 mins, I have been using it 3 times a day after washing mouth in salt water (luke warm) and just placing it on the end of a cotton bud and smoothing gently in the socket....marvelous stuff!!!! (does taste nasty tho.
good stuff Comments By: big jones on 2009-04-14
i had a route canal, and prior to having it done i was in shear pain, no sleep, nothing ate, i use dthe oil and was out like a light.
IT WORKS! WOW! Comments By: Corey on 2009-04-22
So after seeing a few youtube videos on using clove oil for a toothache and reading alot of message boards I ventured out to a local natural food store to find some clove oil. I found "essential" clove oils that was supposed to be used in making of potpourris, the guy at the store said people do use this but it is not meant for internal use and taste real bad, he recommended I use Clove Hearbal supplement, it is a clove oil as well, well I purchased it and some cotton swabs, got back to work and applied a few drops on a cotton swab and put it on the tooth and the area that was in pain and INSTANTLY the pain was gone, it has been about 10 minutes and still, no pain.... WOW this really does work!!! 100 times better than orajel!!!
The Active Ingredient Comments By: PCou on 2009-06-04
The active ingredient in oil of cloves is the oil itself -- it's called eugenol. Eugenol is a natural antibacterial and pain killer, numbing nerves so that they stop sending pain signals to the brain. It's not magic, and it's not new... it's been used for centuries. It doesn't taste great, but it works wonders.
where can i get some now !!!!!! Comments By: andy c on 2009-06-24
I have the mother of all toothaches and this is my last resort. Where can I get this legendary panacea?
Fleeting relief only Comments By: Sal Santos on 2009-10-04
Oil of cloves does numb the pain almost instantly, but I've found its effects wear off within a matter of minutes meaning continual application is required - not really practical if you were hoping to get to sleep.
Oil of Cloves - The Wonder of Nature Comments By: Greg on 2009-10-06
I've suffered from toothache all my life. Once so bad I pulled the tooth myself. Oil of Cloves has been my life saver on many occassions. It was the main treatment of the Romans for Toothache, so been knocking around for a bit :-)

When you get bad toothache, the taste just doesn't seem to matter once this kicks it. Natures blessing? A gift from God? Not sure, maybe both. All I know is that it always works!!

swollen face Comments By: Lynda on 2009-10-19
after using clove oil during a really painful bout of toothache I was over zealous applying it to the infected tooth and managed to get it on my gums and lips. Conseuently I awoke next morning with badly swollen lips and left side of my face. Despite getting antibiotics the tingling and swelling has not disappeared completely yet a week later. Anyone else had this experience and if so how did you cure it?
works but don't apply too much Comments By: Sara on 2009-10-26
This does work to provide temporary relief, though if it touches your gums/cheeks/tongue/skin, it does cause a burning umcomfortable sensation, but this passes after a while, and if u have really bad toochache, u can put up with it - just be careful u don't put too much on some cotton wool, use only a bit at first, and try not to let it touch gums etc
Possible cure for swelling from 'over-cloving' Comments By: Ayjay on 2009-11-26
Try lavender oil to combat burning/swelling. Seems to work.
Swelling from Oil of Cloves Comments By: Ayjay on 2009-11-25
Like Lynda, I too went a little overboard in desperation to escape the pain and got it on both my top and bottom lips. It was the middle of the night, I had the bottle by my bedside, the light off, and all I cared about was making the pain go away. It worked temporarily, but now I've woken to find I look like the elephant woman - horribly swollen lips on one side. Please - does anyone know how to make this go away?????
Oil of clove for tootache Comments By: Pippa on 2009-12-01
I suffer with a variety of teeth problems, and for a long time have used oil of clove to help releive the pain.
Oil of clove is a local anaesthetic which works to numb the affected area, but overuse is the same of any drug, less effective and can cause further problems. Salty teid water that is gargeled will also help with tooth infections as it helps to kill bacteria and prevent deteoriation of infection. A cold compress to the side of a sore tooth will help to numb the area giving some relief, and for sore irritated gums or mouth ulcers alone or with a tooth ache bonjella or anbesol will help to reduce irritation as they contail lidocaine a form of anesthetic.

Try using the real thing instead of bottled oil Comments By: Marye on 2010-01-11
I have tooth infection on both sides of my mouth. I could not afford to see the doctor and then add to that the medicine cost so, I went to my cuboard and took the whole cloves pulled the flowertops off and added a small amount of olive oil and smashed them in it. I then took a cotton swabb and applied it to the center of each cavity and all around the tooth left. It has not irritated my gums and has taken care of the pain. It does have to be applied when the pain returns. But, I read that if you continue this process it will get rid of the infection. So far, so good. Garlic is another of natures healers. Good luck all who are dealing with it.
AMAZING Comments By: Lauren on 2010-01-30
I have suffered from tooth ache for the past few months on and off, and nothing seemed to work with a lasting effect! I got clove oil today and wow the pain has gone completly, i did end up getting it on my tongue and lips with shock of how bad the taste is, but i really dont care because my tooth ache has GONE!
Oh Dear! Comments By: Katie on 2010-02-06
I had a infection in my tooth were i was prescribed medication, only thing after 4 days i still couln't sleep so a friend recommended oil so trip to local boots were they gave me this!
Put directly on tooth not gums, didn't say what happens if it did go on the gums, nothing at first....BUT i think i've had a bad reation to it my face has swallon..it only did it a bit...but now waking up with difficulty of breathing my face is swallon to my eye! BUT IM NOT IN PAIN ANYMORE ha ha just thinking best get my self to hospital to make sure!
But i think its good but just dont get your gums!

pain gone!!! Comments By: brian on 2010-02-14
i looked up "oil of clove" on internet found very useful info, found a very small bottle in my cubard from at least 60years ago applied it to tooth and wow it really works it's got anice smell to say the least but the pain has gone great stuff thankyou "oil of clove"
NEED A CARRIER OIL W/ THE CLOVE ESSENTIAL OIL Comments By: Raquel on 2010-02-14
2 drop of clove essential oil in a 1 oz glass bottle then fill w/ CARRIER OIL (Olive Oil) then percuss the bottle against the hand minimum 20 times and use the diluted oil on the affected area. That will help with the numbing issues :)
Toothache/clove oil Comments By: Ed Vallarella on 2010-03-06
When I was in prison, they do not give you any "good" stuff for pain, but the clove oil they gave me on a pile of gauze actually worked. put on top of tooth and bite down lightly to let oil absorb around tooth and down to the nerve. note: Drinking to much alcohol can cause prison!!
a miracle Comments By: mr happy on 2010-03-10
i thought i was going to go insane with toothache,ive recently been diagnosed as needing root canal surgery, i took ibruprofen and cocodomol,that didnt touch it,my wife suggested oil of cloves,well i would have given everyting i own by that point for the pain to stop,one application and hey presto instant bliss was achieved.
Where to find Clove Oil Comments By: Venetta on 2010-03-23
I found the Clove Oil at Walgreens. Walmart pharmacy did not have any in stock. It has to be purchased from behind the counter. It was less than $5.00 and I was so glad Walgreens had a bottle available. I do not care about the taste as long as the pain is gone.
works like a dream Tastes like a nightmare Comments By: wombat1000 on 2010-05-10
Clove oil does work,however you have to have a strong stomach and preferably a almost inhuman lack of taste buds to not be put off by this . However if you are in so much pain that you would be willing to chop your own head off, it is VERY cheap stop gap between "now" and being able to see your dentist
Clove oil in the Mid-West Comments By: Carlee on 2010-06-26
I attend school in a fairly rural area of Iowa and suffer from periodic tooth pain. I used to treat by just taking ibuprofen but since I came to school I have been more interested in natural remedies for my ailments. Clove oil has been my savior for 2 bouts of tooth ache. I find it at my local Hy-Vee Drugstore over in the tooth care aisle. The package says "RED CROSS Toothache" and it comes with a tiny brown bottle with eugenol mixed with sesame oil. Eugenol is the essential oil of cloves that numbs and relieves the pain and also acts as an antiseptic. It is already premixed with the sesame oil so you don't have to worry about proper mixing amounts. Also included in the package was a little box of cotton pellets and simple metal tweezers. Hope this helps those of you from the Mid-West that have Hy-Vee stores.
I love it!!! Comments By: alisha on 2010-08-05
Ive had a toothache for months! Its kept me from sleeping many nights and I cant enjoy anything and I have a child I have to function with throughout the day. Im pregnant so no pain meds even tho my OBGYN said if Im in that much pain its best to take something rather than suffer but my dentist doesnt seem to care. I finally got some clove oil and it's saving my life! Ive never been so excited about getting a root canal done and finally be done with this!
Clove oil can irritate the gum! Comments By: anon on 2010-08-08
Dentist on phone today confirmed it, on occasions clove oil will irritate the gum, work for the pain for 5 mins and cause agony for a lot more!!! USE WITH CAUTION!!

I can only say WOW I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-15
I had went to the dentist 4 days ago and have been in pain till now.I tired everything you can think of for pain killer they weren't bad but they weren't enough so a guy that works by my husband told him about CLOVE OIL and im like whatever just bring me some because i conldn't take the pain anymore and O MY GOD this stuff is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't say more then WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today is the last day I wanted to suffer from my wisdom tooth and tooth aches caused by cavaties. my dentist said he cant see me or do anything for me until january 6th. So why should I spend the holiday seaon in agony. for the last 2 months I have been in so much pain, had dry sockets etc. I looked online and saw oil of cloves, went and got it and Im amazed! I love this stuff. Now I can enjoy the holiday season and the next 2 weeks until I see my dentist.
i had toothache for 3 weeks Comments By: meridian on 2010-12-30
im a qualified dental nurse of the old school, so extractions is not on my list i suffered so much made my familys life hell due to the pain, i hasd the tooth fixed then one day it came back with vengence, hence why im sat here now i tryed oil of cloves which we used to sort of recommend at a push after ibrufen which i might add doesnt work, but cloves does, it is the most discusting taste in the world, it burns ur lips and the top of ur mouth, tho iwill say does nothing for the stomache, but lukily for me im off t the dentis at 10 in the morn. ironic tho now it is bearable and im dead against having teeth out. but i think the tooths day is numbered, get out there i need a pain free day
THANK GOD FOR CLOVE OIL Comments By: Dana on 2011-01-21
I've been in pain with a toothache and did not sleep at all last night, I went to Natures Way and purchased some clove oil, diluted it in olive place it on the toothe and rinsed my mouth with salt water and praise God no more pain!

Relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Lindylou on 2011-05-04
I have had 5 children without pain relief but my goodness the toothache I had last night was worse than childbirth but Oil of Cloves is WONDERFUL,�1.99 in Morrisons... the only pain I have now is the Dentists bill. LOL
Be sure to dilute with carrier Comments By: Daddiochap on 2011-07-01
Olive oil works best as a carrier and helps prevent over application problems. I am using a treatment right now as in much pain and it has helped massively. I put a tiny quantity of Olive oil in a glass and then a fair few drops of oil but not too much. Applying it with cotton buds for more precise application with less risk of treating undesirable areas.

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