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Eating onion for sore throats

Chew pieces of raw onion to relieve a bad cold or sore throat. Onions can destroy germs in the mouth within 5min.

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Onion!! Comments By: kp in atl on 2006-06-26
This didn't work for me!!!
doesnt work Comments By: jrad on 2008-10-02
I have had a bad sore throut for two days....so i will try about anything...i even like onions....but i tried this and nope....right now im drinking a cup of herbal tea hoping it helps....
doesnt work that well Comments By: kelly on 2008-10-25
it doesnt work very well it just stings alot now thanks very much
? Comments By: afvipanbva on 2009-01-26
I thought it was suppose to be garlic to help the cold go away...
Lier Comments By: Whoever I want to be on 2009-04-16
Raw onions are proven to cause sore throat
thanks! Comments By: kat on 2009-09-01
This worked great for me! Better than any lozenges or sprays I've tried! Thanks!
i tried everything .. sucking on a purple onion killed my throat pain right away Comments By: Nikki on 2009-10-01
Ginger helped also but only when it was in puree form with apple juice.. The next day I tried sucking on an onion and i was instantaneously cured.
Best remedy for sore throat Comments By: Djibounga on 2011-03-11
Red onions worked great for me even though the eating part was really hard. Thanks a million.

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