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Toenail Fungus Success with Tea tree oil

Submitted by Nora

I have had great success with tea tree oil. My nails had been affected with toenail fungus for decades and were so thickened and curled at the top that walking was painful.

I have been using tea tree oil for a few months now and my nails are already much thinner and softer, no longer curl and are pink. I use a pummice stick to gently thin the nail from time to time before applying. Be gentle, you don't want to go through the nail, just make it easy for the oil to penetrate the nail as much as possible. The dead fungus or debris turn dark so, when you file the nail too thin, the top usually, it will turn dark and brittle. Apply the oil three times a day and go barefoot as much as possible.

I agree with others here: clean socks, vinegar baths, keeping all dead skin exfoliated all help. When you add tea tree oil, it works.

My nails look and feel nearly totally normal and I know they will soon be beautiful! I'm so happy.

Visitors comments

I am pleased Comments By: TipKing on 2004-07-16
I am so pleased that you have had this success. Thank you for letting everyone know.
After 2 weeks, fungus looks better Comments By: Sue on 2004-09-07
I have been using tea tree oil on my toe nails for only two weeks. I can see a difference already! I'd tried Sporanox and Lamisil without success. One of my nails was curled, too, and looked like a claw!

After two weeks, I can see the blackish debris on one. With the "claw," my nail bed was curled up underneath, too, and I couldn't cut it very easily.

Now you can't see the flesh underneath at all. So, I feel it is working. Be sure to get 36% 4-0l and in the amber bottle as it is light sensitive. I really hope it works for me, too.

Not SAFE or EFFECTIVE Comments By: No Voodo Medicine Please on 2004-10-05
I read about tea tree oil for treating toenail fungus. I decided to try it instead of Lamisil. I applied the 100% pure tea tree oil twice a day on my toenails for 120 days. This treatment did NOT work at all. My problem is just as bad as before.

Furthermore I develloped a skin reaction to the oil. This treatment is NOT SAFE or EFFECTIVE. There is a reason that tea tree oil has not been widely recommended for the treatment of toenail fungus.

It has NOT been proven safe or effective. I can attest that is is NOT safe or effective. I wish I had started a Lamisil treatment 120 days ago because I would be cured by now.

Who would keep applying something that... Comments By: Peter on 2004-11-02
As regards to the comment about tea tree giving them a rash, why did you keep applying it for 120 days?? This sounds like a commercial for Lamisil! Get the facts - www.toenailfungus.org (non-commercial). I have also used a product with tea tree in it, and it is working to get rid of my toenail fungus.
It's taken about 2 months, but the new nail growing in is normal and clear. I checked with my doctor, and he said to stay away from the ingested products. Natural cures, such as tea tree oil, do work for treating toenail fungus. Each person has to find what works for him or her. Don't keep trying something if it gives you a rash!!!

Tea tree oil has been used for years! Comments By: Sharon on 2005-05-26
To the person promoting Lamisil, if it worked for you great, but to say bad things about tea tree oil is ridiculous since its been a natural remedy for eons. Its in my OTC creme I'm using now, Tine-something. Its also found in general foot scrubs and lotions.

My pod also told me that ingested drugs have bad side effects, like liver issues. So thats why I'm trying the creme first. My nail is taking forever to grow so hard to say if its working but the small portion at the cuticle does seem thinner.

TTO worked for me! Comments By: Fungus Free on 2005-07-15
I had a severe reaction to Lamisil, then used Penlac for a year -- no progress. I then found a 'cure' online and figured I had nothing to lose. First, put a 50-50 solution of hydrogen peroxide/white vinegar on your toe. Follow up by soaking the toe for 30 seconds in a solution of 1/4 bleach, 3/4 water. Rinse with clear water. Apply Tea Tree Oil, rub it in with a little Vaseline and cover with a band-aid. I did this for TWO days and the fungus is gone! The nail and toe are pink and healthy. Hopefully it will work for other people -- it sure worked for me!
After all these years it is going at last. Comments By: Jackie on 2006-07-07
I have had toe nail fungus since 2002.I had an injury on my toe nail which left me with the infection. I went to see gp
who gave me tablets and referred me to a
foot specialist. I had to have most of my toe nail cut out. I went abroad for the summer so a friend of mine gave the idea of sticking a false thumb nail on my toe.
It looked great and stayed on for four wks.
After I removed it the nail was growing back.It still had infection and never bedded its self down,it always looked brown and had a bad smell to it.
Over the years I went back to gp and got 2
lots of tablets.She said it would take years for it to look better.
I waited and waited and waited!*?
I went in to hospital 6 wks ago for an operation. After that I went to spend a week with my parents for a rest.One day
I asked to my Dad to put my socks on.
Bad mistake.He was digusted with my nail.
I came home and did some research on the internet.
Tea tree oil brushed on my toe nail twice
a day with a toothbrush is working a treat.
I am so happy.Sounds sad but I cannot wait for the day that I can wear my flip flops without having to wear dark nail polish. I will keep you up-dated

Try it you'll like it Comments By: Cheryl on 2006-08-02
Both of my big toes had fungus under the nails for about 7 years due to inury and had recently began to really hurt when I wore closed-toe shoes. My nails were becoming thick and were turning upward of all things. I even began limping because of it. Penlac was first prescribed by my physician who was skeptical about giving me Lamisil or Sporanox because of the liver issues. After a couple of months of painting and trimming I thought I had made headway with both of my big toes, but it did not clear up the fungus. I researched various treatments and decided that anything was worth a try since my pharamacist said the Sporanox would cost about $600.00 and my insurance would not cover it. This is what I did: I filed my nails down to the quick on both toes and soaked them twice a day in Listerine Mouth Wash, then after I dried my feet I applied the Tea Tree Oil on top of the nail bed. Occasionally I would rub in some Vicks Vapo Rub and sometimes I would even paint on some Penlac. I left no stone unturned and as you can see I was very determined to defeat this fungus. I think I became obsessed with my toes. After a few months when my nails became visible I was very encouraged. The white spots had disappeared thank goodness. I am still working on some yellowing at the very tip end of the nail, which is probably due to the last part of that keratin junk working out. I have never read of anybody having a bad reaction to Tea Tree Oil but since the active ingredient in it is similar to Turpentine I guess it is possible. I always thought the Menthol was what was thought to be the cure. Oh well, it's taken me about 6 months to get this far but I'm happy and my toes are happy and that is what counts.
Starting to work! Comments By: Marianne on 2006-09-02
I've had this bad nail for years, and im in physical therapy school now, so we have to work with each other's feet alot. I would always cover it up with nail polish..So finally when I take all this nail polish off, I find that it's spread to the other nails! I was smothering it so it grew even faster and looks worse now.

I've been trying the 50/50 mix of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, then vicks at night. It's been 3 days and already I am seeing a difference. I am buying some tea tree oil tomorrow so I can use everything at once, and I am just praying that this works. From what I have read from this site and others, I think the TTO in conbination with everything else is going to work! Also, my brother is a doctor, and he says vicks works, though not with everyone. My sister also got a nail cleared up with vicks a few years ago. I'll update you!

watch out for allergic reaction Comments By: bill on 2007-05-13
After using tea tree oil for a month, my feet started to develop a rash and blister, and broke out on other parts of my body. I developed water blisters which leaked through my shoes! I went to emergency fearing I had developed a foot infection. If you ever begin to develop a rash, stop using tea tree oil! I am still suffering the side effects several weeks after using it!

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