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Toenail Fungus Success with Tea tree oil

Submitted by Nora

I have had great success with tea tree oil. My nails had been affected with toenail fungus for decades and were so thickened and curled at the top that walking was painful.

I have been using tea tree oil for a few months now and my nails are already much thinner and softer, no longer curl and are pink. I use a pummice stick to gently thin the nail from time to time before applying. Be gentle, you don't want to go through the nail, just make it easy for the oil to penetrate the nail as much as possible. The dead fungus or debris turn dark so, when you file the nail too thin, the top usually, it will turn dark and brittle. Apply the oil three times a day and go barefoot as much as possible.

I agree with others here: clean socks, vinegar baths, keeping all dead skin exfoliated all help. When you add tea tree oil, it works.

My nails look and feel nearly totally normal and I know they will soon be beautiful! I'm so happy.

Visitors comments

Did not work Comments By: Anon on 2007-07-05
After trying Penlac (didnt work), and reading the positive comments about Tea Tree oil, I tried 100% Tea Tree oil. I religously applied it morning and night and filed the nails down. I had no skin reaction. But, after 3 months, there was no improvement. I am a MD, and I did this study very carefully out of scientific curiosity. Perhaps different strains of fungus have different sensitivity to the oil. Perhaps some of the postive postings are coming from individuals with ties to natural health care products.
Tea Tree oil worked for me Comments By: Merm on 2009-06-06
I've had a fungus under my nail for longer than I can remember. Then it went to another nail and was getting so bad that half the nail had lifted away from the nail bed. A friend of mine told me that the only thing that works is a prescription medicine that she used and made her so sick that she could only take it for a short time. She also said this medicine was bad on the liver. I was sure I didn't want to take that medicine, but didn't know what else to do. I kept nail polish on those nails and hoped the fungus wouldn't completely take over. Then I read about tea tree oil. So, I bought some. I bought the straight oil, and I also bought a cream that was a mix of the oil and some other oils with Vitamin E also. I wanted to be sure the oil would work so I cut away as much as possible the part of the nail that had lifted away from the toe bed. Then every night, I would scrub the toe to get rid of any dead skin and debris. I would rub the tea tree oil into the affected area. And I would follow with the tea tree oil cream mixture for the skin around the toe, because I did notice that the straight tea tree oil caused a little bit of irritation. I have been doing this for about a month now. My nail is growing back and it's perfect. No more gross fungus! I can't believe that the best the pharmaceutical companies could do for this was a harmful drug that you had to swallow and risk hurting your liver, when all one needs is a natural oil applied right to the affected spot. So many people here are attesting to this natural, GENERIC product because IT WORKS!
tea tree oil Comments By: Ana on 2007-08-04
I have nail fungus for about 1,5 year ... realized it about one year ago. Now I have tried tea tree oil for 3 months. 3 or more times per day, trying to wear flip flops as much as possible. Washing socks and towels on 90 degrees. Spraying shoes with antifungal spray. No change! My fungus even got worse. Now I removed most of the nail which was easy as it just droll off when I touch it with a nail file and started to use Mycoster I think its the same like Penlac ... just different name. Has anybody had a success with this product? I am desperate cause I hate my feet at this moment.

Allergy to Tea Tree Comments By: Lisa on 2007-11-27
I love Tea Tree. It works for numerous different things BUT FOR SOME......Tea Tree oil may cause these symptoms which may mean you are allergic to it. Breathing problems or tightness in your throat or chest . Chest pain . Skin hives, rash, or itchy or swollen skin. Follow this link to learn more


2 1/2 decades of dead nail Comments By: jenny on 2007-12-05
I have this dead toenail for almost 2 1/2 deacades and im so imbarass to wear slippers during summer.Mine was very diffrnt from the rest,its very thin on the roots and thick at the tip and it doesnt look like nail at all.
any suggestion pls email me [email protected]

Trying TTO and Lotramin Ultra Comments By: Anon on 2008-02-03
There's a study online, where they took about 80 people and had half of them treat with TTO, and half with TTO and Lotramin Ultra. About 80% of the combo were cured, while none of the TTO alone worked and it's known that Lotramin Ultra alone has a dismal sucess rate. So if TTO alone doesn't work for you, and you don't have a reaction to it, try adding Lotramin Ultra to the mix. I've been trying less than a week, and my nails don't get pink and pretty quite that quickly, so I'll have to check back when I have more time to figure out what's going on.


Link to the study, for the curious.

Lamisil can damage your liver Comments By: Jean on 2008-02-14
I read the comment about tea tree oil not being safe and how someone wished they had tried lamisil. I did take lamisil and my liver was affected. At least the tea oil is a natural thing to try first. Then if it doesn't work, try your meds but be careful.
toe nail fungas Comments By: Tina Ober on 2008-02-20
I took lamisil for about 6 weeks to just recently discover that I have now lost my taste buds from this horrible drug! Literally everything tastes bitter a like im eating cardboard. It has been almost a week since I have been off of Lamisil and not to mention my toenail still looking the same, my quality of life (my taste buds) have not returned. I am now resorting to the all natural way out of tea tree oil. Not sure if its going to work, but im going to put it to the test and from now on stay away from the horrible side effects of Lamisil, which everyone swears by. They can have it.

WARNING: Bleach and Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) Comments By: Jules on 2008-04-12
Somebody mentioned the following treatment, which I also tried: Soak in 50/50 vinegar/H2O2, follow with soak in 1/4 bleach/water, apply tea tree oil with vaseline and cover with bandaid. I'm glad they had success.

But, H2O2 + bleach = decomposing reaction. In short, H2O2 is intrinsically unstable and bleach catalyzes its decomposition, so what you get is a very fast formation of oxygen and water, which is a kind of chemical 'boiling'. If only I'd known this sooner...

I soaked by feet in vinegar/H2O2 for 30 minutes and followed with the diluted bleach. I did not rinse my feet between these two steps. So what happened was, the H2O2 impregnated my skin a couple layers, and then the bleach reacted with it, and this 'chemical boiling' occured a couple layers beneath the surface of my skin and gave me a chemical burn. I have scabs but hopefully not scars.

So BEWARE. If I try using bleach again, it will be just drops on the nail itself.

Further, I substituted the tea tree oil + vaseline with Vic's, and this procedure did not work for me. Before trying that I was using Vic's every day and night, with little success (it may have slowed the spread, but didn't solve anything). I'm now convinced that Vic's keeps the nailbed far too moist and promotes fungal growth but, clearly, there are too many positive testimonials to disregard it entirely.

Good luck!

Unbelievable! Comments By: Anon on 2008-04-21
I have had toenail fungus for years, and there are a few toes that are worse than others. For about a week now, I've been trying the vinegar & vicks, and I've noticed a slight difference. Then I used some tea tree oil mixed with other oils (vitamin e, etc) and I can not believe it. I put some on yesterday, and some this morning, and one toenail that had I swear had what looked like two racing stripes going down it has completely cleared. I'm the biggest skeptic in the world, so I am in complete disbelief. I keep looking at my toe! I will continue to use it, and I'm hoping that it will clear up the rest of my nails.

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