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Beauty tips Easy Nail Polish Application for Husbands

Submitted by Wayne MacDougall

Please, Please, Please. Help me find an Easier way to apply Nail Polish to my Wife's fingers and toes. My Suggestion is to be able to put on an ajustable plactic or cardboard toe or finger piece,THEN, Apply nail polish with a spray bottle with an adjustable thickness of spray, so polish can be applied fine or heavy....Ahhhh That's just called common sence....This is the year 2004, you have got to be kidding me that women are still putting up with using a brush of any kind to pait thier nails,,,,Not to mention what it's doing to use guys....HEPL!!!!

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you probably already know this Comments By: pam on 2005-03-28
It doesn't realy matter how good you are as long as you cover the whole nail. Then you can shape it with nail polish remover.not satisfied? you can post your question at http://www.wondir.com/wondir/jsp/index.jsp
Avon Comments By: Cat on 2006-05-31
Avon have some nail varnish strips that stick on, which work really well. They last up to 2 weeks and just come off with ordinary nail varnish remover. Hope that helps :)

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