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Acne and zit tips Perfect tips for acne

Submitted by lorin

*~Acne tips~*
~WASH YOUR FACE!!!!dirt oil and get on your skin causing acne,blackheads,oily,yucky skin.

~DRINK WATER!!!drinking water takes out toxins and gives you nice clear smooth skin.

~EAT HEALTHY FOODS!!!take daily vitamins and eat foods like fruits, veggies,and don't eat so much junk food!:)

~MASKS!!!Go to Fred Meyers and buy a mud mask!

~DONT USE TOOTH PASTE!!!this can burn a huge hole in your skin and dry it out and it's bad!!!

Visitors comments

toothpaste Comments By: Christie on 2004-08-19
Everybody is different. I use toothpaste as a face mask. 1st I wash my face then I put toothpaste on my whole face avoiding the eye area & leave it on for 30 min. Then wash off w/ warm water & it does reduce redness & your face feels great & increadibly clean.

If you have real dry skin obviously u shouldn't be using anything that dries your skin out. You should be using moisturizers designed for the face b/c dry skin can cause pimples too.

A lot of people think they have oily skin b/c they have pimples, but is just not fact. If u have dry skin flakes on your skin any time after u clean your face, you have dry skin. Me I have oily skin. I know this b/c after 12 hours of not washing my hair it is so greasy I have to shower b/c it looks like my hair is wet & my face, I can press my forehead against glass & there is a huge, deep grease spot that you can't even get off with a paper towel. It requires windex.

works Comments By: lauren on 2005-05-28
yea Toothpaste can work but I have sensitive skin so it damaging. and yes its realy good for yoor skin to drink lots of water.ok.......peace
toothhpastteE? Comments By: areeba on 2006-08-02
it's soo bad. it overdries my skin.. i have sensitivvve skin and i'm never using toothpaste again. lOve your tip sweety keep it up
please Comments By: addgtr on 2006-10-16
or you could get some proactiv!!!!
Different Solutions Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-10
I do not like Proactiv at all. I've been using it for months, and it's never done a thing for me. I think cheaper products, like even Dollar Store/Dollar General and CVS brands work better, depending on your blemishes. I wash my face, and then I apply toothpaste on my zits. I leave it on overnight and was it off in the morning. The toothpaste dries out the blemish and takes away some of the redness, and even makes the zit smaller. Sometimes it may take a day or two to work, but it works quickly otherwise. May not be the best for dry skin, but I reccommend it! (12, F, USA)

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