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Mud paste for Bee stings

To get effective relief from a bee sting, make a mud paste (water and dirt) and put it directly on the sting. It will relieve the swelling, stinging and redness. Once the paste has dried and it is feeling better, simply wash it off with cool water.

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70 years of bee stings mud Comments By: James Rankin on 2006-10-15
I am 70 years old and have been stung numberous times by almost every kind of bee, wasp, hornet there can be and whenever I had access to some mud I have used it immediately on the bite and for me, it has always taken the sting, swelling and redness out of the bite. So for what it's worth, I vote to keep a mud pack around when you can, if you are exposed to bees a lot. It works for me
You can also use baking soda and water Comments By: Dennis Parker on 2008-03-15
A paste of baking soda and water also works. We used this years ago for our stings.
why does a mud mix work? Comments By: mark on 2008-07-27
Just need to know, I guess!
How Mud past for bee stings work Comments By: Doug on 2009-10-12
Mud works on bee stings by osmoses. It sets up an osmotic pressure difference because of the salt in your body fluid. The salt is drawn to the mud and the salt pulls the venom (and usually the stinger as well) out of the tissue.
DON"T FORGET to sterilize the mud by putting it in the microwave on high for several minutes first!

It really works Comments By: Cassandra Walters on 2010-09-26
My dad used to have a contaner full of it. Once my bro got a sting on the leg and my dad put some on his leg. Calamine lotion works too!!! I recently got 3 bee stings and my mom put it on me. I was stung... i dropped what i was carrying and ran to my mom. She was in the pool so i ran through the patio and jumped in the pool with her. I HATE the outdoors now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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