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Try new hair products.

Submitted by Paige Sheppler

If you want great hair you might want to try new shampoos and conditioners I have used a really good shampoo and conditioner it is dove shampoo and conditioner and also soap it makes your hair feel and look really good so if you want your hair really shiney and beautiful you might want to use Dove shmpoo and conditioners! That is all for now bye bye!!!!!

Visitors comments

thanks Comments By: anon on 2004-07-22
thank you soo much for this tip bubye
Naaaa Comments By: Sarah on 2005-01-17
I found that Dove makes my hair greasy!
No Way!! Comments By: SableMoon on 2005-05-18
I've used Dove in the past (Not long after it first came out) and after a few weeks of using it - I found my hair was super greasy. It was horrible. I LOVE Dove products - but I would NOT reccommend the shampoo and conditioner to anyone!
It works! Comments By: Shrad on 2008-03-04
I think Dove Shampoo is fabulous.
I used the one for dry hair as mine fall in that category.. i think its great!

For not so dry hair, it might be making them look greasy... but overall ... as ever.. i still love Dove products!!!
And dove shampoo... they have a WIIIDDEE range.. so just pick one that will suit you the best!


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