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Tip for baby smooth hair

For great soft hair use Suave kids shampoo. It comes in awesome juicy fruity scents and is gentle for babies, so it leaves you're hair super soft and the fruity smells are to die for

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Not True Comments By: Sister of a beautician on 2005-04-11
In the kids shampoo there is ingredients that they put in to "stop the tears" that ingredient is actually harsh on hair,even the kids. Over time it could cause very dry hair and even caddle cap.
Um YA Comments By: Terry on 2005-04-16
Just because you use baby shampoo doesn't mean You will have baby soft hair. Babies hair doesn't get soft because of the shampoo they use there hair gets soft because they are newborns so everything in there body is soft and delicate.LOL
last comment not true Comments By: actual beautiatritian on 2005-06-19
in some shampoos like this they do not use actual soap, which makes the shampoo less harmfull to hair and does not take as much oil out. this type is more gentle, and it is ok to use on hair. maybe in some shampoos they add something, but usually they just use a formula that is soap-free.
ya RIGHT Comments By: Bonnie on 2005-07-10
That is so not true.
Works for me!! Comments By: zoe on 2009-04-21
I have waist length thick wavy hair,and using suave kids shampoo works wonderfully well for me,other shampoos tend to leave my hair feeling stiff and stripped,with suave it feels soft.:D

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