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Smooth men. Tips for mens shaving

Submitted by Sagar Chowdhury (deepbluesagar)

I am sure these shaving tips will give a perfect shave like salons.

  1. Always use a sharp and a clean razor. If you want to shave with a razor which you have used earlier then please do clean it in luke warm water by adding a few drop of Savlon or Detol.

  2. In morning, don't go for a shave after getting up from the bed. Let your skin wake up completely.

  3. Always try to shave after a hot bath or shower. It will open your pores and so you can have a smooth clean shave.

  4. Don't press the razor hard on your skin. It will cause many problems, specially irrtation.

  5. Use a suitable shaving cream or gel. Try to use a shaving product containing aloe vera.

  6. After shaving, use non-alcaholic after shaves. In many salons they use various face paks which works more good then after shaves. Some face packs are Sandalwood paste pack and Uptan Packs.

  7. After all the shaving business use a light moisturizer to make your skin baby smooth.

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