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Vasaline the make up must have

vasaline..... its the answer to every womans prayers. You can put on your lips for a sheek finish , slick on your eyelids for a sleek look and you can even use a clean mascara wand and appy vasaline to eyelashes.

If you mix vasaline with your normal winter powder eyeshadow it makes the same shape but in a creme eyeshadow great for the summer! on top of all that it helps sooth dry skin. so i think its a make up must have.

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vaseline is also good for.... Comments By: Rebecca on 2004-10-11
shaving, for women with facial problems who normally must result to shaving because other methods are too irritating. Place a warm wet towel to the area for about 30 secounds, massage/spread a thin layer of vaseline and very carefully shave...this has helped me alot with nicks and my skin does not irritate as much as when I use a shaving cream or moisturizer.
brilliant Comments By: XkissmeX on 2004-10-29
this has beenan amzing comment i loved it i mean vasaline has actually chnage the ay i llok id always wanted 2 look more natural and not try to hard and vasaline dun this for me thanq!
kool Comments By: lou parkerxxx on 2004-11-13
kool tip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vasaline is ALSO good for: Comments By: tip queen on 2005-04-24
Dry eyelashes: if u wear mascara everyday,this tip can save ur eyelasher from falling out and going dry- at the end of the day, remove make up and clean face then apply vasaline onto ur eyelashes and in the morning curl and apply mascara as normal. this can give a longer hold for ur curled lashes. try it: its amazing!!!!
On eyes Comments By: veronicaxmars on 2005-12-29
when you apply vaseline to your eyes doesnt it make it sticky?

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Natural makeup Comments By: anon on 2006-06-01
I use it on my lips, eyelids, cheeks and eyelashes
Use Vaseline as anti ageing cream Comments By: Paula on 2007-03-16
Joan Collins once said that she has only ever used Vaseline on her eyes to prevent her crows feet, I use it every night and it leaves my eye area lovely and smooth! Try it....
Other uses Comments By: Cassie on 2007-06-19
Vaseline is an amazing makeup remover as well. It works better than any other makeup remover from the drug stores. For smooth lips, apply a couple of coats of vaseline to the lip and take a damp toothbrush and brush the lips. It will take off the dead chapped skin on the lips and make them really soft.
Amazink make up Comments By: micheal on 2008-06-11
really I read your article It contain lot`s of knowledge to gain and really It`s very good article and keep it up........
ILUVVASELINE!!!! Comments By: anon on 2009-01-02
Every Girl Needs To Have Vaseline..Its Amazing,You Can Use It As A Facial Clenser/Moisturizer,It Makes Ur Lashes Longer And Thicker,It Can Tidy Up Ur Eye Brows After Plucking And It Strenthens Nails And Most Of All Its A Great Lip Balm....PHEW!!!!
If Anyone Knows Other Ways That Vaseline Comes In Handy Pleez Tell Me!!

WHEN IN DOUBT PULL OUT THE VASELINE! Comments By: The AnsWer on 2009-01-24
This is very truuu.. I've always used vaseline and it is truly multi-purpose.. It can also B used as a eye shadow primer.. Or if ur out and forgot ur lotion n notice ur elbows r a lil ashy jus take a lil dab vaseline and there u go lol.. A lil goes a long way.. LOVE IT
Soft feet Comments By: CurlyQ76 on 2010-03-18
Thanks for the awesome advise! Here is my suggestion, at night before going to bed wash feel, lather them up with vasaline, put some socks. Helps lock in moisture & give you nice soft feet.
Be Careful using Vasaline on your eyes Comments By: CC on 2011-03-16
Vasaline can also contribute to eye-infections if not used and removed properly


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