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Red high lights using cranberry juice

To make red highlights try rinsing your hair in cranberry juice!

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this is only temporary Comments By: tipqueen on 2004-08-10
This is good for if you want to have highlights for a party or something but it does ware off...

Dye Comments By: Danielle on 2005-02-23
It worked really well execpt it only lasted for 2 days.Was it supposed to last only that long if you have any tips on homeade black or brown hair dye send the instructions for me.
aagggh Comments By: martha on 2006-11-23
this doesnt help...
how long? Comments By: Lindsay on 2007-07-10
Hey, I was about to try the tip...... how long do you keep the juice in?
Cranberry juice is great, what about kool-aid?! Comments By: Diane on 2007-07-13
I tried the cranberry juice for making highlights, but when I tried using kool-aid it worked even better! It just depends on how dark of highlights you are going for! I like my highlights really noticeable, and I've actually paid for highlighting kits before, but it's fun to experiment with darker highlights when you want to make a different statement at a party or with a new boyfriend!

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