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Fleas. Kill fleas with vinegar

If your pets are known for having fleas, adding a quarter cup of vinegar to their water three or four times a week is going to help in the prevention of fleas.

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Amount of Water Needed Comments By: ldb on 2005-08-03
Good tip... Yet how much water is efficient for the 1/4 cup of vinegar

TipKing says: I think that the tip is suggesting adding it to a good sized bowl of water, which must be around 2-3 pints

vinegar Comments By: marsha on 2005-09-26
it did not work for my dog.
I have tried spraying a dog with vinagar mixed with garlic Comments By: J. Lewis on 2005-10-13
It did not work... Dawn soap is the best I have found yet!!!!!
vinegar and water Comments By: phyllis on 2006-03-01
my animals wont drink it with the vinegar in it. the smell i guess

TipKing says: Yes. They are wise to it. Try cider vinegar and only add a little to start.

APPLE CIDER VINEGER SEEMS TO WORK SOME Comments By: Janice - still learning about Apple Cider Vineger on 2006-05-11
Applying cleared flea bite redness; not sure kills...
In drinking water....or bathing water Comments By: Stephanie Anderson (From Florida, USA)sexy on 2007-01-10
i was wondering about this tip for vinegar for pets fleas....i was awlays told to put vinegar in a spray bottle and apply to pets coat after bathing and rub in completely.... you are saying to put it in their drinking water? my animals are completely picky. if their water has a little dirt in it they will not drink it. they wouldnt touch their water for 2 days when i put the vinegar in it and when i finally washed the bowl and put plain water in it they were drinking water like i had never seen before.... what can i do im alittle confused. thank you
Vinegar in Home Comments By: Tiffany Jones on 2007-05-30
i was wondering if vinegar kills fleas in your home not on an animal ??/
dawn soap Comments By: anita on 2007-08-15
hi can anyone tell me where to buy dawn soap,have nt heard of it before and having huge problem with fleas even though using treatment from vets !!

TipKing says: As far as I am aware it is only available in the USA

How much time? Comments By: Brittany (san francisco) on 2008-05-22
Starting yesterday, I use teaspoon of vinegar for every pint or so of my dog's water and she has yet to decline it. My question, though, is how long does it take for it to work? A few days/weeks/months?
Flea Treatment Comments By: Malcolm on 2008-06-16
A flea treatment I have always used on my dogs is to crush a clove of fresh garlic in one meal a week and mix it well in.

Never had a flea problem as yet in 15 years.

Garlic is poisonous to cats Comments By: Brooke on 2008-07-15
Don't ever give cats raw garlic. It may be an effective flea treatment for dogs, but garlic will cause anemia in cats and could eventually cause death.
first time fleas:( Comments By: anon on 2008-10-10
i have an indoor cat, she has never been outside and i vacuum every day. i bathe her once a month or so and brush her regularly. we suddenly have fleas very badly! how did we get them and now what???
dawn and vinegar Comments By: dale geraldson on 2009-02-19
Killed feas dead as doornail right now.I picked them off and saved them in a jar and they aare still dead 3 days later. Terrier dogs so I used 1/8th cup vinegar and 1/8th cup soap and 1and 1/2 gals water worked great
apple cider vinegar flea control Comments By: Patricia Smith on 2010-08-02
I put about 1/4 cup in my schnauzers water a big bowl probably 2 qt. I may find one or two fleas on her a week and they are very puny.Before I would comb her and they would just fall everywhere. She didn't like it to start but now no problem.

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