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Salt. Get rid of fleas with salt

Get rid of fleas in your home by pouring salt over the carpeting and let it sit for a few days, then vacuum up.

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It works WONDERS!!! Comments By: Annie on 2004-09-12
I followed this tip and there are no more fleas on the dog or in my house. It must suffocate them.
salt isn't the best Comments By: steph on 2005-03-03
I have used salt on the carpets before and it left my carpet damp and caused mold to start growing.
diatomacous earth Comments By: rache on 2005-03-03
YOu can also use diatomacous earth or silica (at nurseries or pet stores but can be expensive) It is ingested by the fleas and cuts up their digestive tracts causing them to die. Sprinkle on carpet
Just annoyed them Comments By: BH on 2006-07-23
I used salt on my carpets and all it did was make the fleas attack us more!
It worked - but damp carpets! Comments By: No-fleas-yet on 2007-11-01
It looks to have worked, not been bitten at all today but carpets are really damp - even wet! Still I think wet carpets are better than fleas lol
salt will make your carpet damp Comments By: amanda on 2011-08-05
so don't use it. I did and now I'm trying to get the damp out of the carpet- it smells and I am worried that it will go mouldy and I still have fleas


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