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Lemon & lime remedy for acne and zits

Submitted by David

Cut a wedge of a lemon or a lime and rub it over the affected acne area, this really cleans and disinfects your skin very well, I might sting a bit but don't wash it off! Use nightly.

Visitors comments

lemon? Comments By: Emily on 2004-08-06
i've heard of putting the yolk (the yellow part) of an egg on your face at night. I know that works. But I've never heard of lemon. I also know toothpaste works.
toothpaste remedy Comments By: amanda on 2004-09-20
I will try the lemon/lime treatment, but the toothpaste thing has never worked for me.
Yes Comments By: M on 2005-05-31
I use lemon juice. It's something I normally have around instead of lemons. I'm not sure if it keeps zits away, I don't use it regularly. I use it when I have a big zit, and it shrinks it a lot. It's good stuff.
..let's see Comments By: cristal_fairy on 2007-07-18
..i've just started using it..so i'll be back in a few days and tell u how it's going;)
i've heard this works,,, Comments By: laura on 2009-04-04
i tried this, and you're right-it stung. but it went away after about 5 minutes and it was worth it. (:

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