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Vicks Vapor Rub for toenail fungus

Submitted by Lorna

Massage Vicks Vapor Rub on toenail and in a matter of days the toe nail will start turning dark in color.The dark color means the vicks is killing the fungus. As the toenail grows out you will cut the tonails and soon your tonails will not only look healthy but will be fungus free. My mother-in law told me about this and she was told to do this by her doctor.This works!

The following was sent in by Lyla

It works but takes all of 6 months - I suggest you keep a jar at the toilet. Ever time you sit down on your toilet, remove the sock from the foot that has the bad toenail, and apply Vick's to the cuticle of the toe. I did this for at least 6 months and it cured my nail.

My toe grew a new, healthy nail up under the old one w/o me realizing it. Months after I used Vick's I noticed all healthy growth at and above the cuticle line but I didn't realize the toenail was growing under the old one and pushing it out of place until it fell off one day, revealing a short but beautiful nail. I'm a believer in using Vick's for toenail fungus cure.

Visitors comments

Vicks works but be patient Comments By: Tina on 2009-07-30
I have fungus on 3 of toes on each foot. I use to have it on my big toe but i used the vicks and it went away. I have a normal toe nail!
I used it on the other ones but nothing happened. so i used a polish i got from a doctor, for 4 months. still nothing so i'm starting with the vick again.

toe nail fungus Comments By: Kalu on 2009-08-03
A week ago I hit my toe on my bed post... my nail turned dark brown and then fell off... I thought this was the end and allowed it to grow back then two nails on my right toe began to do the same thing... I went to the doctor and was told I had athlets food and was given a generic foot cream... I took it a step forward since im an internet geek and found this comment section about using vicks vapor rub and its great effects... I decided to pair it with the cream... that night I tried it with out wearing socks.... and not putting covers on me just wearing sweats to bed... to get air to my feet and keep them dry... I have to say the next day my toe nails with the infection turned a cloudy white and all the dark brown color went away... I wear thick socks with my shoes while im at work or the gym... I wash my feet with a seperate wash cloth and use an anti-bacterial soap just because I want too... its been a week and thus far everything is looking great... I kind of have OCD.... lol and I apply moring and night consistantly and keep my hands very clean after every application... so thanks to all for letting me know about this crazy treatment... my off brand Mentholatum as comparied to Vics has just been sitting in my medicine cabinat and least I know im getting some great use out of it... lol
I got you...it works. Next topic please Comments By: Green Willams on 2009-08-09
How many ways do you need to say it works? There are other topics you can explore.
Here I Go! Comments By: Dave J. on 2009-08-12
OK your comments has won me! Today is Wednesday, August 12, 2009 and I have a toe nail fungus. I will try my first application of Vick Rub tonight and post my progress daily! Happy rubbing! :-)
Toe fungus for 5 years, will try vicks vapor rub (August 20 2009) Comments By: NZToe Fungy on 2009-08-19
Hi. Ive had toe fungus for about 5 years now. Started with 1 nail for 1-2 years and slowly started affecting pretty much all my toes. I have tried vicks before but only for a few weeks and not every day. I will be more persistant and try it for minimum 3 months twice per day. I will let you know if it works for me.
Allergic Comments By: Lisa on 2009-08-23
I tried using the vapor rub trick but ended up with a rash on the tops of my feet.

I stopped using it and the rash went away but still have the darn black toe nails.


TRIED EVERYTHING Comments By: TOMMYCAI on 2009-08-24
Not sure but good advice here! Comments By: Theresa on 2009-08-25
My doctor told me to use Vicks as well. She told me try for 6 weeks. All she told me was twice a day. So I didnt know. I though the more the better and since I am a homemaker and dont have to go out I figured I could just make sure I have a generous amount of this good juice on those nasty toe nails all day long.
And since I had been told before that it takes a very long time to get rid of even though she said 6 weeks I was going to have no problem using this 6 months if I had to.
U see I have had this fungus on my toenails for some 25+ years now. My son is 19 and I had these wonder toes alot longer than he has been alive.
But now here I read that someone said you need to have your toes breathe. So since I have been doing this now for almost 3 months and I only saw a small reaction when I first started and several of my toenails turned a dark color. They did look good at the very beginning. Huh and to think I was just getting ready to give up again.
So I shall start over rubbing in twice a day. Should I use generous amount or what?

Thick skin on toes and heels too! Comments By: Theresa on 2009-08-25
While using this for my toenails I learned a good thing. I didn't do the greatest job on getting on just toenails so I would get on socks and the Vicks from socks would soak into my cracked heel at night (and the sheets too!). My heels started looking nicer and nicer. I found that I could clear those thick skins anywhere on my feet. Then I went and read the directions. VIcks is very healing scraped and cuts. My hubby uses it on his hands now as work calluses his hands to the point of cracking. It works!!
Toe Fungus Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-27
searching online ive seen that using vapo rub helps cure toe fungus so i started using it on the first day of august and the results ive seen is that 1 nail is black and 1 isnt i have toe fungus on the small toes of both feet.Before i started using the vapo rub i cut those nails enough so that it wasnt very noticeable i dont know if i should have done that or not but i did and i have a few questions though: 1:how long does toe fungus take to cure? 2:how does the nail regrow? 3: does the toe fungus affect any other part of the foot?
I hope this works! Comments By: DellaBaby on 2009-09-02
I have had toe nail fungus on my bit toe. Half on my toe nail has been yellow and is disconnected from the nail bed. I have been using tea tree oil for one week and it is still the same. I just read this website about using Vicks Vapor Rub. I have decided that I am going to go tomorrow and buy me some so that I can try this out. Sounds like it really works. I will keep everyone updated day by day. Thanks for all the tips!
vicks v. vinegar v. hydrogen peroxide Comments By: Matt on 2009-09-08
I used distilled white vinegar for a year on my toenail fungus (soak twice a day) - not only was it not effective in eradicating the fungus, but it also was ineffective in preventing the spread of the fungus to other nails. Next i tried hydrogen peroxide, and found it to be similarly ineffective. I started using Vicks three months ago, and am seeing results - new nail growth is pink and fungus-free, and my infected nails are about 1/3 grown out. I'm a little embarrased by the menthol smell that's constantly in my office, but curing the fungus will be worth it.
Didn't Work Comments By: j on 2009-09-10
I had fungus on my toenails for years, have tried prescribed creams, otc creams, tea tree oil, vics, bleach, vinegar, my husband just got insurance and was prescribed lamisil..... 3 months later, my toes have started to clear and now as the new nail comes in, it's nice and healthy.
Note of Caution Comments By: Rachel on 2009-09-19
I am a Podiatrist and have just treated someone who has caused ulcers on 6 of his 10 toes from using this remedy. Using substances for anything other than they are recommended and tested, is extremely dangerous. Please don't try it.
Vicks Is SOOOOO Working! Comments By: So Excited! on 2009-09-21
I started using Vicks on my two big toes about 3 days ago. And I couldn't believe me eyes! I was talking to my Aunt the other day and she told me to do it. I thought she was crazy at first, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. My toes are starting to clear up! I don't think it was a fungis as much as it was discoloration due to NEVER taking my polish off and lack of oxygen to the nail itself, but sure enough... The ugly yellow and brown are slowing fading away! For as long as I can remeber I've had to wear dark colored polish.... Hopefully in a few more weeks I can go have my nails painted and not have to worry about what the little lady is saying about me to everyone without me knowing! :) If you're thinking about doing it... It wouldn't hurt to try. You might be surpried by the turn out. Also... My nails didn't turn black... I'm actually glad they didn't... That's kinda scary! But I know for a fact that it is working!
Be patient, it works!! Comments By: jremr on 2009-10-15
My husband of 30 years had toenail fungus for the entire time I knew him. His Podiatrist told him to use the Vicks Vapo Rub, working it under the nails twice a day and to wear clean white socks after each application. For once in over 30 years and MANY different remedies he finally had beautiful clear toenails. Be sure to throw out any old shoes and slippers that may be harboring the fungus and reinfecting your toes! It may take a good 6 months to see perfect toenails but its worth the wait!!
Not Always a Fungus Comments By: Anon on 2009-10-26

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