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Vicks Vapor Rub for toenail fungus

Submitted by Lorna

Massage Vicks Vapor Rub on toenail and in a matter of days the toe nail will start turning dark in color.The dark color means the vicks is killing the fungus. As the toenail grows out you will cut the tonails and soon your tonails will not only look healthy but will be fungus free. My mother-in law told me about this and she was told to do this by her doctor.This works!

The following was sent in by Lyla

It works but takes all of 6 months - I suggest you keep a jar at the toilet. Ever time you sit down on your toilet, remove the sock from the foot that has the bad toenail, and apply Vick's to the cuticle of the toe. I did this for at least 6 months and it cured my nail.

My toe grew a new, healthy nail up under the old one w/o me realizing it. Months after I used Vick's I noticed all healthy growth at and above the cuticle line but I didn't realize the toenail was growing under the old one and pushing it out of place until it fell off one day, revealing a short but beautiful nail. I'm a believer in using Vick's for toenail fungus cure.

Visitors comments

?? Comments By: vanessa on 2010-02-26
How long does it take for the nail to be cleared of fungus? B/C I have 10weeks until my prom
Not totally "cured", but satisfied with results so far. Comments By: hnh on 2010-03-01
Started using Vicks afew months ago, and made an entry at that time. My results were reasonably good. They don't look brand new, but there is at least an 80% improvement. After I shower, I scrap out under the nails with a metal nail file, and apply the Vicks. Also, the nails should be trimed regularly.
Vicks Comments By: MLW on 2010-03-06
I was watching Dr Oz and he said they have had good results with Vicks but are not sure why it works. He stated that it does seem to work for many people. I have decided to try it since I have had a toenail fungus for about three years now. Will let you know if I see any results.
awesome Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-08
i used TESCO vapour rub on my my infected toenail and the white appearence went away THE NEXT DAY. i had tried a proper over the counter drug previously and this did not work, but vapour rub did! i think i should continue using it to make sure the infection has gone! but no more ugly toe! give it a go, its a cheap solution!
wow Comments By: kristen on 2010-03-10
I have had this nasty big toe since I can even remember! I used to get made fun of for it in middle school so I'm really self conscious. It has fallen off a couple times and just grows right back the same way so I thought it was something genetic (my dad has it on both big toes, I only have it on one) I'm going to try using vicks. I hope it works!!
Toenail fungus - fungisil doens't work Comments By: Judy on 2010-03-17
A little less than half the nail on my big toe has toenail fungus on it. I have been battling this for years! I spent about $80 on fungisil and have used it for over a year. It has not worked for me. I am so disappointed. My husband says I have pretty feet, but I hate wearing sandals and don't paint my nails anymore for fear that it will make the fungus worse. I have never tried the Vicks, but I am willing to try just about anything - accept the pills. I hope the Vicks will work for me like it seems to have worked for so many others!
Toenail fungus AND callouses! Comments By: Sammie on 2010-03-18
Approved by the diabetes doctor too!

Darkening is the fungus dying and is NORMAL!

Vaporub worked wonders!!! Comments By: Kristen on 2010-03-21
The Vaporub (generic brand) worked GREAT for both my husband and I. We would put it on our toenails every morning. Then at night file the nails. And put more Vaporub on. When we woke up we would file the nails and add more Vaporub. This became a daily routine. And within 2 weeks we both had new healthy toenails. I would totally recommend this to anyone!! Thanks for the tip!
A miracle! Comments By: Lucy on 2010-03-23
I've had a toenail fungus for over 15 years. I've tried everything to try and eradicate it. I have spent most of the last 5 years using tea tree oil and clipping the nail right off... it didn't work.
After finding this website I tried Vicks, mainly because I always keep it in the cupboard and I was at my wits end with the horrible yellow crumbly toenail!
4 days later and strange things have started to happen. First, it went a dark colour. Then a day later the fungal crud started to slough off.
Today the entire fungal part of the nail came right off, leaving a much healthier skin underneath.
I'm continuing to use the vicks until the nail has grown back completely. I'm so amazed that I'm doing a day-by-day photo report of the progress!

Excellent cure for toenail fungus!!! Comments By: Ed from Levittown on 2010-04-01
My wife uses it after each shower. It completely cured her nail fungus issue. She continues to use it to maintain her nail free of fungus. Myself? I had two large toe nails that were thick with growth between the toe and the nail. I first filed down the surface as much as I felt comfortable doing and then applied the Vicks. Applying it daily and yes, the nails did turn black, but yes, a healthy nail is growing too. Should have normal looking nails real soon. Great cure. Don't know why any Podiatrist would be ignorant of this cure.
Science... Comments By: Fungalicious on 2010-04-12
I've had ever so slight crusting on the outer edges of my toes nails on both feet. Its very little, but to me it looks horrid. Its not yellowish as most cases, its more of a grey-ish layered crusting, with ridges maybe? I used some vicks last night, but hasn't reali made any diff as of yet- and i am out of vicks!!! Neway, i came across some interesting science behind the vicks theory, thymol,the ingredient we think is the key, was used by the egyptians to preserve theiremummies from fungi and as an antiseptic. It has also been used o kill mould, and fungal spores(baby fungi in a sense). so theoretically it should do the trick, and as many have claimed, it seems to be working! Hope mine is cured too, cant wait to go for a pedicure once its over!!!
IT REALLY WORKED!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-16
I have been using VICKS every night before bed, and im happy to say it is working. I use the vicks and as the toe nail grows I keep cutting. It looks so much better. TRY IT!! Its a cheap effective way to get rid of the fungus without having to pay for medication that may have harmful side effects. Id recommend it to anyone.
IT WORKS!! Comments By: Cured of Funky Feet on 2010-04-29
I have athletes foot fungus and tonail fungus and I started applying the Vicks about 3 weeks ago and my feet are almost cured and my nails look so much better. I can wear sandles now and not be ashamed of the thick scaly skin on my feet.
Toe nail fungus Comments By: bonnie on 2010-04-29
Haven't ever tried the Vicks but taking Olive Leaf extract capsules will also work. It stops the fungus, then you just have to wait for the nail to grow out.
Working so far. Comments By: Jon on 2010-05-02
After reading success stories with Vicks I decided to try it myself. After about a week my nail started to turn a dark redish brown color. Soon the top layer of the nail literally pealed off and there was fresh nail underneath.
WOW!!!! ITs really effective!!! Comments By: lito on 2010-05-07
I'd been suffering toe nail fungus for 8 years and used the most prescribed antifungal treatment which are expensive.
In desperation i gave up treating it but just clean it regularly. One day when the fungus seems to attack wildly,,i can feel the pain n the edges of my two big toes,as if a sharp pin tip is striking at it underneath.
I was lucky to see this forum and tried the vicks miracle and believe me,,within minutes the tickling pain disappears instantly!!!!!!!!! I will continue the treatment,,thanks to everybody here for sharing this wonderful ideas from a very common drugs available anywhere.

A cure at last? Comments By: beth on 2010-05-08

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