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Vicks Vapor Rub for toenail fungus

Submitted by Lorna

Massage Vicks Vapor Rub on toenail and in a matter of days the toe nail will start turning dark in color.The dark color means the vicks is killing the fungus. As the toenail grows out you will cut the tonails and soon your tonails will not only look healthy but will be fungus free. My mother-in law told me about this and she was told to do this by her doctor.This works!

The following was sent in by Lyla

It works but takes all of 6 months - I suggest you keep a jar at the toilet. Ever time you sit down on your toilet, remove the sock from the foot that has the bad toenail, and apply Vick's to the cuticle of the toe. I did this for at least 6 months and it cured my nail.

My toe grew a new, healthy nail up under the old one w/o me realizing it. Months after I used Vick's I noticed all healthy growth at and above the cuticle line but I didn't realize the toenail was growing under the old one and pushing it out of place until it fell off one day, revealing a short but beautiful nail. I'm a believer in using Vick's for toenail fungus cure.

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Different Causes; Different Cures Comments By: Kevin Hogan on 2010-09-29
Vicks Vaporub solved my toenail fungus problem. Twice a day, keep your feet dry and clean, takes about four months. It costs nothing but effort. My Theory: the fungus is a response to pH level in the body. Different diets, medications and metabolisms indicate different cures due to the acid/alkaline balance of your body chemistry. A question: do you think the folks who make and market Lamisil and the other VERY expensive treatments want you to know this? What other common knowledge is suppressed? It's not a conspiracy theory, it's marketing.
Vicks vapor rub fingernail fungus Comments By: Kim on 2010-09-30
I am currently using the Vicks remedy and as stated, 90+% effective. I must be within the 90+ ratio because it is most definitely working. My nail is growing back very nicely...
new treatment Comments By: ron on 2010-10-11
there is a new treatment where a heat laser is used to kill the fungus, a podiatrist does the procedure and it's 100% effective. I will be trying this there no need to take oral medicine that will damage the liver.
Seems to be working for me Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-18
I have had nail infection on all 10 toes for approx 20 years. Thought I'd try Vicks as tried lots and lots of other remedies which didn't work. Used Vicks just twice with nail varnish still on so couldn't see any effects, took nail varnish off and was shocked at the change!!! All nails look much better pinky white as oppose to yellow except big toe nails which show pinky white approx 1/2 cm. So brilliant start will definitely keep going with this..!! Let you know how it goes..!!
It helped somewhat Comments By: Bobby on 2010-10-24
I applied a small glob (about half the size of a pea) Vicks Vapor Rub daily; then put two bandaids over the Vicks for six weeks. I quit the above and started using Listerene. The nail is starting to turn dark at the base... After reading all of the above, will return to the Vicks.
Vicks Vapor rub Comments By: Luce on 2010-10-25
My doctor tolled me I have toe nail infection. I tryd Vicks but my nail didn't turn dark , why is that?
Going to try Vicks Vapo=rub Comments By: Rich on 2010-11-08
I used tea tree oil for 3 Months every day with no change on 3 nails My doctor said Lamasil causes terrible liver damage. He recommended Vicks rub and trim nail way back to expose the fungus,apply it at nite so the air and vicks can work overnite
Inpressed as a cough surpressant Comments By: Steve on 2010-11-14
My Co-worked suggested that I put Vick on my feet. Then put my sock on and try to go to sleep. I have a very nasty cough with a cold right now. I can not lay down to sleep. I have been forced to sleep sitting up in bed and still not getting a full nights rest.
Well I found this web site while investigateing his claims, I have to tell you all I was able to sleep all nigh. Its my first good night sleep since I came down with this cold 6 days ago. I am so amazed that Vicks on the feet kept me from coughing. I woke up 9 hours later with the cough. WOW 9hrs it work, that awesome. I'll be using that remedy for the rest of my life.
I too have a toenail fungus that has been there for years and years. I tryed a product called "Nonyx" it is expensive and had zero results. I can not wait to see if the Vicks cures my toes too.

Used it for 9 months Comments By: Susan on 2010-11-19
And my cat died. Cat used to sleep at the foot of my bed. She was 9 years old but healthy. Nails look good. Line of infections gone. Wouldn't have traded the cat going into this to side step a little toe discoloration. Oh well
My 5 left toes which are all infected Comments By: Lager on 2010-12-19
My 5 left toes which are all infected just seem to have softened with the Vicks, Thymol, TeaTree treatment. Two toes on my right foot which were becoming infected have all but cleared up. So severity seems to be an issue here. The left toes I keep cleaning daily, removing as much debris and glunk as I can then applying the treatment. Only time will tell.
Vicks works: but just under control Comments By: RB on 2010-11-23
Vicks will control my toenail fungus but doesnt seem to kill it. So far I have the appearance of a cure with regular use, if I back off on use my nails become 'nicotine stained'
Vicks Does NOT work ~ used it for 6 months Comments By: Marilyn on 2010-11-28
I was very optimistic at first and I was very determined not to give up. It looked good in the beginning. My big toe nail with the fungus turned black and fell off within the first month. I spent quite a lot of money on knuckle bandaides, not to mention covering my toe nail with Vicks every night. I also applied Vicks to the bandaide and in 6 months, I didn't miss changing the bandaide and Vicks application every night and left it on for 24 hrs. It looked as if most of the toe nail was growing out nice and clean, but after around 4 months, the nail started growing out with the fungus again. I couldn't stop it no matter how hard I worked with it.

My conclusion is this ~ that the toe nail becomes resistant to Vicks after several months. In other words, the Vicks Vapor Rub won't help later down the road and the fungus will come back full force after 6 months of trying.

Please believe me ~ I really gave it my best and was determined, but now I'm out almost 2 jars of Vicks and 7 boxes of fingertip bandaides that wrapped around my toe perfectly. I am just sparing you the time and effort of using this method that will disappoint you in the end.

Sand Nails paper thin before application Comments By: Big Green Ogre Man on 2010-12-05
My doc told me to take a file and file the nail paper thin before applying vicks so it will absorb more readily. My nails are SO thick, especially the big toes, that I literally had to haul out my orbital wood sander to do the job. I know the picture you have in your mind's eye, "Big ogre needed a wood sander to manage his toe nails." Weird at first, but it did the job and now I'm slathering vicks on and covering with a bandaid daily so it will stay in place and do the job. Already noticed exceptional results and will remain focused for the long haul. I'm encouraged.
Vicks and Thymol Comments By: lagertowen on 2010-12-04
The New York Times posted this blurb about the ingredient Thymol which is in Vicks Vaporub and the treatment of nail fungus. Thought I would share:

In one study, scientists tested the antifungal effects of the ingredients in a generic medicated chest rub. Of the seven ingredients, thymol was among the most effective at inhibiting the growth of dermatophytes that cause nail fungus. Other studies in animals have also shown thymol oil to be effective against dermatophytes. And studies have also shown that thymol oil destroys another cause of nail fungus, Candida, by disrupting its cell membranes and metabolism.

I'm using both, the Thymol, one drop on each toe, then covering it with Vicks. Will keep posted.

I hate nail fungus Comments By: lagger on 2010-12-05
My story is that I developed nail fungus in my mid teens at around 16. How, I'll never know but I have a ton of theories. The doctor back then told me there wasn't much to be done for it. This was before Lamisil came along so I just suffered with it and kept my nails trimmed back and the gunk out of the crevices. By the time I was 21 all 10 toenails were destroyed and crumbly and cakey and would fall or easily peel off with no pain but would continue to grow thick and discolored. I was working for a medical school then and asked a physician about it and he prescribed Lamisil. I was worried about the effects of Lamisil so I only took the first 30 day supply and never refilled the prescription. I think I was to use it for 60 or 90 days, I'm not sure. Anyway, my nail fungus was completely eliminated and stayed that way for several years. It slowly crept back 5 or 6 years later on one toe and before long all 5 toes on one foot were infected again. I'm now 34 and still have all 5 toes on my left foot and my "ring toe" on my right foot is also beginning to show signs. I have tried the vinegar treatments, the salt water treatments, all of the over the counter bottled treatments which don't penetrate the nail,the Clorox bleach pen, Tilex bathroom cleaner, idoine tincture, tea tree oil, Hibiclens, and even kerosene. I did all of these persistently for weeks and months at a time to no avail. At one time got a prescription for Lamisil from a new doctor but never filled it and was scared to considering I was a pretty heavy drinker. That was about 3 years ago. So here I am again hunting for a cure. I'm on day 2 of the Vicks Vaporub treatment and I don't expect any miracles but hey what the hell right? I also ordered some of the Thymol liquid. When it arrives I plan to drop it onto the toes (nailbeds) then cake on the Vicks and cover with socks. I've also heard of using a magnifying glass with sunlight on the nail beds and might as well give that a try too. The problem is penetrating the nails or getting under them. I have them cut back or pulled completely off, depending on which toe. I know it sounds gross but those of you that understand what I'm talking about won't be grossed out by it. The laser treatment sounds promising but I want to get more information on it before I shell out $1000. No one else in my family has suffered from this nor caught it from me. I think some of us are just more susceptible to it than others. I do know, even as a child, my left foot was always very dry and cracked if I was barefoot whereas my right foot always stayed normal. But it also sweats profusely if I have on socks and shoes. It's weird that only one foot does this. I think that foot is susceptible to the fungus and eventually spreads it to my other foot. Unlike some others, my toenails grow pretty fast and I have to trim them weekly. If I could ever nip this thing in the bud they would grow out in no time flat.
Vicks Treatment Comments By: Anon: on 2010-12-04
The Vicks will work but you must treat the insides of your shoes. To do this, put any of your shoes you have worn since you were infected with the fungus, in a plastic bag and keep in the freezer for 48 hours. Both works so dont give up. This may sound dirty but after treatment, wash you hands well and put shoes in a clean plastic bag and close well before putting in the freezer. No battled is won if you're not persistant so hang in there. You may want to wear clean white socks after applying the Vicks and before going to bed. Also, to insure not getting finger nails infected, I would use rubber gloves which can be found at most Dollar Stores, Walmart, Sams and many other stores. Good luck.
Pro Vick's VapoRub Comments By: Joyce on 2010-12-11
The nail on my big toe on the right foot was about 1/4" thick, dark and ugly. It stuck up so high it prevented me from wearing closed toe shoes. The doctor wanted to give me oral medication but when I found out how it could damage the liver, I told her I'd rather have an ugly toenail than an ugly liver. I had read about Vicks and thought I'd give it a try. I first soaked the toe in very warm water to soften it and then cut it as short as possible and filed the top layer off. I applied the Vicks, rubbing it in well and put on a white sock before going to bed. The next morning I reapplied the Vicks and wrapped a bandage around it before going to work. Within two days, the nail had turned dark but in about three weeks, I noticed new growth at the bed and it was WHITE!!! I continued the Vicks and trimming the nail every two weeks. In about 6 months I had a beautiful toenail and got my very first pedicure. That was 6 years ago and I still have a beautiful nail.

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