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Vicks Vapor Rub for toenail fungus

Submitted by Lorna

Massage Vicks Vapor Rub on toenail and in a matter of days the toe nail will start turning dark in color.The dark color means the vicks is killing the fungus. As the toenail grows out you will cut the tonails and soon your tonails will not only look healthy but will be fungus free. My mother-in law told me about this and she was told to do this by her doctor.This works!

The following was sent in by Lyla

It works but takes all of 6 months - I suggest you keep a jar at the toilet. Ever time you sit down on your toilet, remove the sock from the foot that has the bad toenail, and apply Vick's to the cuticle of the toe. I did this for at least 6 months and it cured my nail.

My toe grew a new, healthy nail up under the old one w/o me realizing it. Months after I used Vick's I noticed all healthy growth at and above the cuticle line but I didn't realize the toenail was growing under the old one and pushing it out of place until it fell off one day, revealing a short but beautiful nail. I'm a believer in using Vick's for toenail fungus cure.

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It works Comments By: Laura on 2011-07-20
yellow thickening nail on large toe - heard about Vick @ Dr Gott - applied it everynite with Q-tip - rub it in - and under nail - keep it thick - loose bandaid over it so the sheets won't rub it all off - 4 days later - the big yellow patch is gone - replaced by a tiny dark pink area - cannot believe how fast its working!
All the way from sweden Comments By: betty on 2011-08-01
I have had fungal infection for several years. I have tried lamisil, sporonox and even traditional herbs from africa. The herbs worked but unfortunately they got finished and the nails became reinffected. I read your posts and I bought Vicks today. I have fungal inffection all over my feet and all nails. There is a new fungal infection treatment in sweden called nalox. I have used it since february. When I first used, new nails grew after two months after some time I was invited to a party and I applied nail polish. When I removed the polish my nails were back to square one.
Does any one know if it is safe to use vicks and nalox? I applied nalox in the morning and after one hour i applied vicks. We'll se if vicks will work. I have nothing to loose if it will not work.


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