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Salt for pet urine. Clean up cat urine

Submitted by LH

Sprinkle salt generously over the wet spot caused by pet urine. Be sure and use enough because this salt will only pull out what it can hold. Let it dry overnight until hard. Sweep up most of the salt (and pee) then vacuum. Walla, no pea, no stain, no odor.

Hint: If you don't put enough salt you will have a stain. It didn't pull it all out.

Visitors comments

Did not work for me Comments By: TipKing on 2004-08-05
We had a brand new green wool carpet fitted and our border terrier duly christened it on the first night with a massive pee. I sprinkled salt on the stain and the next morning I have been left with a large yellow stain.

I think the urine bleached the carpet. You have been warned.

Works Wonders! Comments By: Tammy on 2004-10-17
I have tan carpet with urine stains that are 2 - 3 years old. I've tried almost every product under the sun (some very expensive) and nothing seemed to work. I figured I would try the salt tip, it couldn't hurt at this point. The stains were dry so I poured a small amount of vinegar on the stain until it was quite wet.

Then I poured a very generous amount of salt on the stain and let set for a week. Once the salt was vacuumed up, no more stain! A favorite spot of my cat's had to be done twice because the salt couldn't hold everything it pulled up the first time, but it worked.

Cider vinegar Comments By: Gem on 2007-07-21
Give you dog 5ml of cider vineger per bowl of water and he will no longer have smelly wee slowly add it over 1 week in no time he will love it, i no mine do.

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